Mid Static Ducted

The new F2 type is designed specifically for applications requiring fixed square ducting.
An anti-mould filter is equipped as standard.

Technical focus

  • Variable external static pressure control
  • Industry-leading low sound levels from 25 dB(A)
  • Built-in drain pump provides 702 mm lift
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Air off sensor avoids cold air drafts during heating operation
  • Configurable air temperature control
  • Anti-mould washable filters included
F2TYPE Mid Static Ducted

Variable external static pressure control

Optimal airflow set-up is possible depending on ducting design and conditions.

Variable external static pressure control

System example

An inspection port (450 mm x 450 mm or larger) is required at the lower side of the indoor unit body.

Illust of inspection port

More powerful drain pump

Using a high-lift drain pump, drain piping can be elevated up to 702 mm from the base of the unit.

Illust of high-lift drain pump