High-Fresh Air Ducted

Concealed duct

High static and large airflow ducted for exceptional installation flexibility.

Technical focus

  • 100% fresh Air intake for ventilation purpose
  • Design flexibility thanks to high static pressure and large air volume
  • Discharge air temperature control to reduce cold drafts during heating operation
  • Configurable air temperature control
H1TYPE High-Fresh Air Ducted Concealed duct

High Fresh System

High Fresh System enables delivery of fresh outside air at almost the same temperature and humidity as indoor air without putting a burden on air conditioning.

* Capable of treating outdoor air only. Indoor air conditioner units are
required to adjust indoor air temperature.

High Fresh System

Mix operation unit with standard indoor units

Possible to combine High Fresh Air ducted indoor unit and standard air ducted indoor units.

When other indoor units are connected in same circuit, keep following capacity ratio.
H1 type/Outdoor unit < 30%, and Total of indoors(incl. H1)/outdoor <100%