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Intelligent Oil Management System

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Quality Performance with Minimal Maintenance

In a VRF system, the key to maintaining the system’s reliability is to ensure an appropriate amount of oil is secured in the compressors. In order to avoid oil shortage in the compressor, maximum operation is normally forcibly conducted at regular intervals to recover oil from indoor units. This method causes the system to overheat or overcool and thus waste energy. In Panasonic VRF systems, a sensor for detecting oil levels is mounted in each compressor.
In installations with multiple outdoor units, a shortage of oil in one compressor can be compensated for by recovering oil from another unit. Panasonic VRF systems provide users with a comfortable environment whilst saving energy.

Intelligent 3-stage Oil Management System

The Panasonic system efficiently manages oil recovery in three stages; minimising the frequency of forced oil recovery while reducing energy cost and maintaining comfort.



Panasonic compressors are equipped with sensors which monitor oil levels precisely at all times. If oil levels fall, oil can be transferred from other compressors within the same outdoor unit.



If oil levels in all compressors within the outdoor unit fall, oil can be replenished from adjacent outdoor units.



Forced oil recovery is implemented only if oil levels become insufficient in spite of above measures. The Panasonic system’s design concept is radically different from conventional oil systems.

Features of 3-stage Oil Recovery Design

1. Oil sensors installed in each compressor

1. Oil Sensors Installed in Each Compressor

Oil sensors installed in each Panasonic compressor precisely monitor oil levels, eliminating unnecessary oil recovery.

2. Highly functional oil separator

2. Highly Functional Oil Separator

Thanks to extended separate piping, oil recovery efficiency reaches 90%, minimising the oil to be discharged from the compressor.

*These feature availabilities vary depending of the models.