Key Technologies

Intelligent and Durable

Intelligent and Durable

Extended Compressor Life by
Uniform Compressor Operation Time

The total run-time of compressors are monitored by a built-in microcomputer, which ensures that operation times of all compressors within the same refrigerant circuit are balanced. 

Compressors with histories showing shorter run times are selected first, ensuring equal wear and tear across all units and extended the working life of the system.

System example of ME2

Automatic Backup Operation

Backup operation allows uninterrupted cooling or heating to continue whilst waiting for service. Users should contact their authorised service centre as soon as fault occurs.

Automatic backup operation

Demand Response

Featuring inverter control technology, all Panasonic FSV systems are Demand Response Management (DRM) ready. With this control, power consumption at times of peak load can be set in three steps to deliver optimum performance. This helps to reduce annual power consumption with minimal loss in comfort.

Simple Demand Response

Demand control terminal is available to control
0-50-75-100% of capacities

Demand response Chart

Flexible Demand Response

Setting is possible as 0% or in the range from 40 to 100% (in steps of 5%). At the time of shipping, setting has been done to the three steps of 0%, 70% and 100%.

Flexible Demand Response Chart

High Durability Outdoor Unit

Corrosion-resistance treated for high resistance to
rust and salty air to assure long-lasting performance.

Note: Selecting this unit does not completely eliminate the possibility of rust developing. For details concerning unit installation and maintenance, please consult an authorised dealer.

Highly durable Parts