VRF Smart Connectivity+

Through thorough energy management, Panasonic’s VRF Smart Connectivity+ is a completely new, state-of-the art solution providing energy saving and comfort as well as simple installation, operation and running.

Energy Management and High IAQ Solution

VRF Smart Connectivity+ offers efficient energy management and a new air conditioning control solution with high IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Energy Management System for Rooms

Each room is monitored by high-precision sensors, making it possible to make every room’s temperature comfortable without wasting energy.

Management System for Entire Building

A Building Energy Management System (BMS) can also be connected for Plug & Play centralized control of the building’s entire energy consumption.


Dramatic Reduction of OpEx with Outstanding IAQ.

  • 3 Built-in sensors: Temperature, RH and Occupancy
  • ZigBee wireless sensors: CO2/Temperature/RH%, window/door, ceiling/wall

Ultimate Customisation.

  • Background colour customisable
  • Custom display/icons, messages
  • Programmable logic (also stand alone)
  • Various controls and various external connection devices


  • Colour touch screen
  • Ease and simply of use
  • 22 Languages
  • Easy-to-understand error description

Easy Design and Plug and Play to Reduce CapEx.

  • Simple Plug & Play VRF connection to Building Management System (BMS)
  • Stand alone or BMS connected
  • Easy Installation of ZigBee Sensors

VRF Smart Connectivity+ ~ New SE8000 ~

1. Quality Air Control

Optimum IAQ is realized using the CO2 & humidity sensors.
The interior remains comfortable, while heating and cooling costs are minimized.
The CO2 sensor controls ventilation systems which contributes to improving the room’s air quality.

2. Room Key Card or Key Cardless Solutions for Hotels

Solutions are provided that meet the needs of various regions and hotel grades.
Whilst the previous model’s automatic detection function offered optimal air conditioning with or without a hotel room key card, the latest model enables conventional key cards to control air conditioners and other devices coordinately.
The increase in the types of devices that can be connected enables customized control of any hotel room.

3. Other Equipment Control

One room controller manages various devices including lighting and the blinds.
A ventilation system and other external connection devices (dry contact input) can be connected so that various control is possible with this controller alone, even without BMS.

Innovative and Unrivalled Advantages

Colour and Design to Match Office Interiors

Colour combinations and design can be set to match different facilities.

Customisation in 22 Languages Possible

The display can be customised to match the native languages of guests to enable smooth, stress-free communication for hospitality at its finest.

Wireless Zigbee Sensors

Wireless Zigbee connection brings precise control to air conditioning and other equipment.

Programmable Logic

Full customisation of remote control logic possible, and updating to match conditions.