Invisible Issues With Indoor Air Environments

On average, which room do people spend the most time at home? Most of us spend 8 hours a day sleeping in the bedroom to wake up refreshed the next day.

Average time people spending time in each room inside their home diagram

Polluted air and contaminants on surfaces in your comfort zone. Harmful pollutants in the room may cause difficulty in sleeping.

Invisible pollutants in the bedroom

Recommended Installation Area

Recommended installation area in master bedroom Master Bedroom

Recommended installation area in kid's bedroom Kid’s Room

Air Solutions - Air Purification

Cleaner Room For Better Sleep

Removes dust particles (PM2.5) in the air for better sleep.

Baby sleeping on the bed

Fresh Sheets and Linens

nanoe™ X deeply penetrates into fabrics to deodorise and inhibit harmful pollutants.

View of bed in the bedroom

Sleep With Air That Retains Moisture

nanoe™ X moisturises skin and contribute to straighter, sleeker hair.

A lady sleeping on the bed

Air Solutions - Air Flow

A Healthier Way to Enjoy Cooling Comfort

Healthy airflow in the bedroom where you spend most of your time resting.

A man reading magazine on the bed while a lady sleeping next to the man

Deep Rejuvenating Sleep

Radiant Cooling provides all-round cooling with stable temperature, preventing overcooling for better sleep quality.

A man and a women sleeping on the bed with airflow from air conditioner

Air Solutions - Air Efficiency

Comfortable Sleep With Stable Temperature

Inverter minimises temperature fluctuations for consistent cooling throughout the room.

A girl sleeping with book on her hand

Uninterrupted Sleep with Quiet Operation

Inverter operates quietly with precise temperature control.

A baby sleeping between 2 adults

Air Solutions - Air Connectivity*

24 Hours of Purified Air in Your Bedroom

Switch ON nanoe™ mode to continuously purify your bedroom without cooling function to keep bedroom clean and fresh at all times.

View of tidy bedroom.

Switch On/Off All Air Conditioners At Once

Remotely switch on/off your air conditioning units in different rooms simultaneously before you go to bed.

A lady sleeping on the bed while hugging a pillow.


*Wireless LAN Remote Control for Internet Connection (optional network adaptor) applicable to ELITE INVERTER and PREMIUM INVERTER.