Invisible Issues With Indoor Air Environments

Do you experience hot stagnated air when you reach home? Do you feel uncomfortable in a living room full of people when you are having a party? Hot air tends to stagnate in closed spaces. People contribute to the increase in temperature and humidity.

High temperature and humidity in closed space  with single person and living room full of people

Does the difference in height between children and adults make a difference in their health? All day long, children breathe closer to the floor and furniture.

Height diferrence between children and adult in home environment

Feeling uncomfortable in a crowded living room with guests bringing in dust and contaminants from the outside.

Dust and contaminants in living room with 2 adults

Recommended Installation Area

Recommended installation area in living room and dining room Living Room & Dining Room

Recommended installation area in dining room Dining Room

Air Solutions - Air Purification

Clean Air

Removes dust particles (PM2.5) that are brought in by guests.

A family entering home

A clean space for fun playtime

Inhibits bacteria and viruses that are commonly found in your home so that children can explore freely.

Little girl playing on the bed

Fresh Social Space

Reduces lingering food smells and other strong odours such as pet odour and tobacco.

Family eating food in kitchen

Air Solutions - Air Flow

Fast and direct cooling for social occasions

Fast Cooling at start up to cool everyone instantly.

A group of adult hanging out in living room

Gentle and even cooling when there are less occupants

AEROWINGS automatically switch to Shower Cooling when set temperature is reached to prevent overcooling.

Lady drinking coffee with air flow from air condintioner flowing near the ceiling.

Air Solutions - Air Efficiency

Wide power output range to meet different room occupancy

Enjoy a balanced comfort with a wide range of power output from 1.02kW to 4.20kW.

Group of adult in dining area and kids in living area

Automatically Adjusts Temperature with Precise Temperature Control

Inverter varies the rotation speed of the compressor, providing a precise method of maintaining the set temperature.

A group of adult hanging out in living room

Air Solutions - Air Connectivity*

Keep loved ones comfortable when you are away from home

Comfort Cloud App lets you have full control of indoor air quality from your mobile device.

Cat sleeping on the sofa

Easily pre-cool and monitor room temperature from anywhere

Pre-cool your space and monitor real-time temperature when you are away.

Lady in parking area tapping on phone


*Wireless LAN Remote Control for Internet Connection (optional network adaptor) applicable to ELITE INVERTER and PREMIUM INVERTER.