GE Aviation

GE Aviation

For many large, commercial businesses, finding the perfect solution to ensure required heating and cooling requirements are met, whilst keeping costs low and energy savings high, can be a lengthy process.  

For world-leading jet and turbo engine provider, GE Aviation, the solution could not have been simpler when specifying Panasonic’s PACi range of commercial units.

GE Aviation provides the crucial components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft, and ship propulsion applications.  

Bristol-based installer, Swift Express Maintenance Ltd, had worked with GE Aviation 20 years previously when the initial Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment had been installed. Now, this system was proving to be dated and inefficient to work across the 24/7 operation required.  

Swift Express was asked to design and specify a solution with good efficiency capabilities, working to high demands and to the specific temperatures required for the heavy duty work carried out at this aviation headquarters. Therefore, identifying a reliable brand and product were essential for this install to avoid regular troubleshooting and repairs.  

Panasonic's recently developed PACi range of indoor and outdoor commercial units proved the ideal choice for this application. Eight PACi Elite 14kW units were installed outdoors, whilst four under-ceiling units and four wall-ducted systems were established indoors. A further 28kW of PACi cooling technology have been specified to be installed within the factory.

Panasonic’s PACi Elite group of commercial air conditioning systems are ranked as one of the top COP values within the industry. Not only do the high efficient R410A refrigerant abilities result in the lower operating costs and reduced CO2 emissions that GE Aviation had specifically required, but all systems belonging to the PACi range ensure the ultimate ease in install whilst meeting the necessary safety approvals ensuring the utmost in quality and safety.  

Due to the delicate environment and equipment handled by GE Aviation, a fire watch of 4 hours is required for any hot works, so Swift Express opted to use the revolutionairy Reflok aluminium piping system with the Panasonic equipment.

As part of Panasonic’s commitment to health and safety, all air conditioners undergo strict quality and safety tests before sale. This rigorous process includes obtaining all necessary safety approvals, to ensure that all air conditioners we sell are not only built to the highest market standards, but are also completely safe.  

Initial renovations started five years ago when a 50kW air conditioning system was installed. The first phase of this new installation began in August 2014, which included the installation of 30kW of Panasonic PACi Elite air conditioning units. The Remaining 70kW of equipment was installed in the second phase, which started at the beginning of October 2014 and was completed by the end of the same month. So far, the installation has proved to require minimum in maintenance.  

“Since the initial install five years ago, Panasonic’s heating and cooling systems haven’t stopped or had any problems,” explains Josh Muschamp, Business Development at Swift Express Maintenance Limited. “We have worked with Panasonic for many years and have never incurred any technical problems with its kit. This is why we chose to specify their range of PACi air conditioning units for this prestigious project. We needed something we could rely on to work to at high efficiency capabilities without requiring us to visit and fix every six months. We needed something that would be easy to install and would withstand compression bonding. With this in mind, for us, Panasonic was the obvious choice.”  

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