Ichinomiya Nishi Hospital

Ichinomiya Nishi Hospital

Particularly useful for important regional public spaces such as our hospital

Since opening in 2001, our hospital has aimed to be a hospital trusted by the local residents by operating according to our policies of "accepting and never refusing patients with any injuries or illnesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year", "using the latest equipment and advanced medical technology", and "providing detailed, patient-centered medical services". Although we started using the ziainoTM as a sterilization measure, we then realized its effectiveness in reducing odors, prompting us to start using it at another hospital of the Kyoureikai group to which our hospital belongs. Currently, 53 units are used throughout the group. Although almost 1,000 people visit our hospital a day, we never hear any complaints related to odors.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

*The wood panel shown in the picture was installed by the customer.

Products installed: ziaino™
No. of units installed: Kyouryoukai overall: 53 units; Ichinomiya Nishi Hospital: 14 units
Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture
Operator: Social Medical Corporation Kyouryoukai

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