Le Dolcezze Patisserie


The Panasonic PACi Elite range of semi-industrial systems has been developed to lead the way in quality air conditioning for commercial environments. The Elite line is prevalent in low temperature applications, including wine cellars, server rooms and food storage areas, thanks to its ErP-approved units, which boasts a SCOP A++ rating and exceptional cooling capabilities.

It is thanks to this technology that the Panasonic PACi Elite range has been installed “Le Dolcezze", a patisserie in San Lazzaro, Italy.

Famous for its Neapolitan pastry, "Le Dolcezze" required a robust, high quality and reliable solution that would provide consistent heating and cooling on the shop floor, storage room and in the kitchen, where fresh pastries are prepared.

The building previously featured a residential air conditioning system. This unit was unable to meet and maintain the required internal temperature of 15°C, which is vital to the storage and preservation of raw ingredients. As a result, during an exceptionally hot summer in 2015, the owner suffered major losses due to the deterioration of the quality of his products, in particular the chocolate, which was to be used in the preparation of fresh cakes.

Installer, Mariani SRL, specified and installed the Panasonic PACi Elite range to provide a reliable, high efficiency and energy saving air conditioning solution.

The existing interior unit was replaced with the Panasonic PACi Elite single split system, the ideal solution where there is a requirement for temperatures ranging between 8°C and 24°C. The single outdoor units offer cooling capacities from 4.9kW to 18.5kW and incorporate a dedicated “wine cellar” function. This feature has been developed especially for commercial or industrial applications, such as "Le Dolcezze", where maintaining a consistent, cool temperature is key.

Additionally, the units incorporate DC inverter technology, minimising energy waste, and R410A refrigerant to reduce the unit’s CO2 emissions. The units are controlled via a Panasonic CZ-RTC5 remote control, enabling the user to monitor and maintain consistent air temperatures. This feature ensures that the owner is able to achieve the required indoor temperature to preserve the raw ingredients.

Panasonic PACi Solutions

The Panasonic PACi Elite range boasts a wide range of features that make it the perfect solution to the needs of challenging commercial and seasonal demands. Not only can the units provide continuous cooling, even when outside temperatures are as high as 46°C, they also provide heating when external conditions are as low as -20°C, and cooling when conditions are down to -15°C outside.

Boasting exceptional energy performance, the system ranks among the best in its class (SEER A++ / SCOP A+) and its inverter technology reduces power consumption and operating costs by 20%. This, combined with the use of R410A gas to reduce the unit CO2 emissions, ensures Panasonic PACi solutions offer market-leading efficiency.

The latest models in the series are not only built to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum efficiency, they are also lightweight. With a slim and compact design, these units are easy to install.

Panasonic CZ-RTC5 Control

The Panasonic CZ-RTC5 wired remote control is unique, due to its elegant design, its control of operation on demand and its display of live energy consumption. Operational information is shown on the built-in screen as images to facilitate the immediate understanding of energy usage. The text is available in five languages (Italian, English, German, French and Spanish), and the backlit display also makes it easily visible, even in the dark or in poor lighting. The main features of the CZ-RTC5 include the capabilities of timer programming, the selection of indoor settings, and the display of the energy consumption.

Products installed : Packaged Air Conditioner System, Individual Control System