Mosaic, Panama Pacifico

Mosaic Building Panama Pacifico

Air Conditioning System: VRF 2-Way FSV LE1 Series: 156 systems
Cooling Capacity: 2,338 kW / 664 USRT
Indoor Units:
Slim low-static ducted M1 series: 210 units
Mid-static ducted F2 series: 147 units
Control System:
Wired remote controllers: 357 units

Targeting business people working in the Panama Pacifico area, Mosaic is a sophisticated urban residential development comprising 145 condo apartments. The team of engineers and architects working on the Mosaic project considered many alternatives before deciding on a Panasonic air conditioning solution. Influencing the client’s choice was Panasonic’s track record of quality and reliability, allied to the fact that it offered the most cost-effective and space-efficient solution. After analysing the architectural plans, Panasonic engineers proposed a solution incorporating multi-split systems that allow each apartment to use a single outdoor unit to service several indoor units.

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