CR123A Cylindrical Lithium Battery, 1-Pc

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Safe Lithium Power

Securing Future & Quality of Life.
Lightweight lithium technology for lasting energy in cameras and other devices.
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Innovating Safe & Stable Energy

Safely harness pure lithium energy with Panasonic Cylindrical Lithium. A lightweight, high-energy-density battery optimized for stable discharge in high-drain applications. Perfect for continuous or intermittent use over long periods.
Innovating Safe & Stable Energy

Optimized Material Formulation

High Energy Formula contributes to Cylindrical Lithium’s long-lasting endurance in mid- and high-drain applications such as cameras, where the battery’s low internal resistance helps to reduce flash-recovery times for rapid burst shooting.
Optimized Material Formulation

The Secret Behind the Structure

Exclusive safety structure prevents short-circuits and leaks with fail-safe protections for over-current, over-voltage, and overheating, even if the battery is damaged. Panasonic Cylindrical Lithium is both UL® and RoHs® certified.
The Secret Behind the Structure

Works in Heat & Cold

Various design aspects combine to preserve high capacity after long-term storage while enabling safe use in a wide -40 °C to +70 °C temperature range. Anti-Leak Seal and short-circuit protections enhance durability.
Works in Heat & Cold

Long Life Power Protection

Panasonic Cylindrical Lithium boasts a self-discharge rate of less than 5 % after 10 years*, so properly stored batteries are always ready when you need them.
* CR123, when stored at 20 ℃, 100 Ω continuous discharge (cutoff voltage: 2 V).
Long Life Power Protection

10-Year* Storage

Proven design, refined materials, special electrolyte solvent, and precise calcination treatment result in a low self-discharge. Panasonic Cylindrical Lithium can be safely stored without significant loss of capacity for periods up to 10 years*.
* When in an unused condition and stored at room temperature.
10-Year* Storage


Photo of CR123A Cylindrical Lithium Battery, 1-Pc

High Energy Density

Long Life Power Protection

Anti-Leak Protection

Rapid Flash Recovery Time

Wide Range of Temperatures

No Mercury Added

Product Code

  • CR123A

Voltage (V)

  • 3.0

Height (mm)

  • 34.5

Diameter (mm)

  • φ10.1

Weight (g)

  • Approx. 17

Shelf Life

  • 10 years

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