I've received my RoomBook Plus device. What next?

To setup the devices, please follow the following instructions.
1. Connect the device to internet using Room Booking System Configurator.
2. Link the device to your RoomBook Plus account using the PIN displayed on the device.
3. Assign Meeting Room to the device.

For more details, please refer to the following link.

How to connect RoomBook Plus device to WiFi?

To connect your RoomBook Plus device to Wifi, please follow the following steps.

1. Run the Room Booking System Configurator
2. Connect the Room Booking System device to your computer with the provided Micro USB cable
3. Once connected, the Room Booking System Configurator will load for a moment before prompting you to select a Wi-Fi network. Select your preferred network and enter the password for it
4. Click “Save”
And that’s it! You have successfully connected your Room Booking System device to your Wi-Fi network.

For more details, please refer to the following link.

What is the Room Booking System Configurator?

The Room Booking System Configurator is an application that allows the following:

1. Connect a device to a Wi-Fi network
2. Connect a device to a server
3. Provide the device’s serial number
4. Acquire the device’s log file
5. Reboot your device

For more details, please refer to the following link.

Which calendar solutions are supported by your Room Booking System?

RoomBook Plus devices support the following calendar solutions.
1. Google Workspace (Gsuite)
2. Microsoft Exchage 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Outlook)
3. Microsoft Office 365
4. iCalendar (.ics)

For More details, please refer to the following link.

How to add a room resource to your Room Booking System Web Portal?

To add a room to your Web Portal, please follow the following steps.
Log in to Room Booking System Web Portal with your account credentials
Navigate to the “Manage” page via the top navigation menu
Select “Rooms” from the left-hand side menu
Click the “+Add a room” button
A pop-up window will appear. Enter the resource’s ID/email address and click “Add”


How to mount a Room Booking System device on a wall or door?

Room Booking System devices are completely cordless and can be attached to any surface with a custom Magnetic Mount included with each device. This allows for a simple, hassle-free, zero-cost installation with no expensive wiring or hidden costs.


Which display technology is used in RoomBook Plus devices?

All Room Booking System devices feature E Ink® electronic paper screens which offer unparalleled energy efficiency. No other display technology (for example, LED or LCD) comes even close.


For further queries, refer to the following online guide: