Foods That Need To Chill and Not To Chill in The Fridge

Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

Have you ever ended up staring at your grocery bag figuring out what to store in the fridge and what to keep out?

Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

Fret not; we’ll get your grocery storage sorted in your frost-free refrigerators from door to different shelves; all with a simple checklist! Read on to find out more.

Things that need to chill in the fridge –

1. Fruits and Vegetables –

Most of the fruits and vegetables belong in the refrigerator, given that they need to be kept fresh at all times. But some vegetables and fruits do not require refrigeration as – potatoes, onions, garlic; bananas, oranges. Easy way to remember is to keep all leaves and juicy vegetables refrigerated at all times to retain their freshness and moisture.

For fruits mostly, the same rule applies: the fruit you’d like crisp and juicy should be refrigerated.

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Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

2. Pickles, Dressings and Condiments –

Mostly condiments have a longer shelf life, thanks to preservatives, but that makes them prone to go bad quicker if not refrigerated. Ideally for easy access and given that they need to be stored in a cool place if not too cold, keep them handy in your refrigerator’s door.

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Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

3. Beverages –

Be it summer or winter, beverages have different refrigeration needs. However, some beverages should be placed in the fridge at all times. Milk, fresh juices, packaged and bottled beverages need to chill in the fridge to keep them fresh for longer.
Some alcoholic beverages, as beer and wine, need to chill out in your fridge.

Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

4. Bread spreads and Chutneys –

Talking at large of butters, jams, cheeses, chocolate spreads, and other bread spreads need to be placed in frost-free refrigerator’s storage. These things have a tendency to go bad, melt and go through a change in texture, which becomes unpleasant or unfit to consume.

5. Poultry and Meat –

Most of the poultry products as eggs, fresh meat, fish; should be in refrigeration storage and in wrapping to keep the odours from spreading the fridge and prevent the risk of exposing the food to harmful bacteria.

Things that need to chill out of the fridge –

1. Cosmetics – Despite the popular belief that cold creams, eye creams, lipsticks and sunscreens can be stored in refrigerators, there is no scientific reason that supports this claim.

2. Oils – Be it cooking oils or essential body oils, they do not require to be in refrigerator storage. The oils have a natural temperature balance and need to be kept at room temperature.

3. Honey – It is safe to say that honey needs to chill out of the fridge and not inside. It can stay smooth and fresh when stored outside, and keeping it in the refrigerator may lead to crystallization. Now, you don’t want to happen!

Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

4. Breads – Even in frost-free fridges the refrigeration may decrease the chances of bread developing mould or going stale, the bread goes hard and cardboard-like when stored in the fridge. It should be kept in a bread box at a cool place in the kitchen or pantry to keep it fresh and soft.

Foods that stay in and out of your refrigerator

Next time when you return from your grocery shopping, make sure you have your checklist ready of what goes in and what stays out of the refrigeration storage!

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