DC-G9 Firmware Update

DC-G9 Firmware Update

Panasonic offers firmware update program for DC-G9 to enhance the performance and usability.

DC-G9 Firmware Update

1.Improvement of AF performance
・There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in AFC mode. The new firmware minimizes this problem.

DC-G9 Firmware Update

Tracking performance in continuous AF has been improved by optimizing the tracking algorithm.
The subject is tracked even if it moves actively, such as in sports scenes where the focus previously shifted to the background.

・There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in video recording. The new firmware minimizes this problem.
    The accuracy of detecting the subject has been improved by optimizing the focus area settings and tracking speed.
    The point of focus remains on the subject instead of shifting to the background.

2.Improvement of operation under specific lighting conditions (fluorescent lights, etc.)
-There were cases where the camera did not catch up to the brightness change smoothly under specfic lighting conditions such as fluorescent lights.
The new firmware minimizes this problem.


Firmware update can be done in 3 simple steps.

1.Find the firmware file you need on LUMIX Customer Suport Website
2.Download it and copy to the SD Memory Card
3.Insert the SD Memory Card in the camera and update the firmware

There are some precautions to complete updating successfully.

DC-G9 Firmware Update

1. Improvement of AF performance
• AF tracking performance in video recording has been improved.

2. Improvement of Body I.S.(Image Stabilizer) performance
• There were cases where peripheral distortion occurred in video recording while walking when used with Panasonic wide zoom lenses (H-F007014, H-E08018). This bug has been fixed.
* When [E-Stabilization (Video)] is set to [ON].

3. Improvement of High Resolution Mode
• Performance of motion correction has been improved.
• Minimum F11 aperture can be used.
• There were cases where the High Resolution Mode is force-quit when switching to playback mode. This bug has been fixed.

4. Improvement of sound recording performance
• Sound quality has been improved by optimizing the noise reduction performance of internal noise cancelling microphone.

5. New functions
• [L.Monochrome D] has been added to Photo Style.
• [Grain Effect] can be added and adjusted in Photo Style.
• [Live View Boost] has been added, which makes it easy to check the composition on the monitor in low-light environment.
• Maximum 20x enlarged view is available in [MF Assist].
• [Focus Ring Lock] has been added to [Custom] menu, which disables focus ring operation to lock the focus.
• [WB/ISO/Expo. Button] has been added, which enables adjustment of WB/ISO/Exposure only while the exposure compensation button is pressed. This can be set [Custom]>[Operation].
• [Dial] has been added to [Custom]>[Operation Lock Setting].

DC-G9 Firmware Update


6. Other improvements
• [Focus Ring Lock], [E-Stabilization(Video)], [Mic Rec Level Disp.], [Live View Boost],and [L.Monochrome D] can be assigned to the Fn button that works in recording mode.
• It is possible to choose images from group display such as burst shots in [RAW Processing] mode.
• Restarting time from sleep mode has been shortened while using Image App and Bluetooth connection.
You can choose to shorten the time of remote operation and image transfer or remote shutter control in [Setup]>[Bluetooth]>[Returning from Sleep Mode].
• There were cases where folder name was garbled when connecting wirelessly with Windows10-based PC. This bug has been fixed.