IoT Solution Seekit Protects Who and What You Love

Panasonic’s Seekit tracker locates possessions as well as loved ones, even in a crowd

Panasonic’s Seekit is a portable Bluetooth™ tracker that uses Crowd GPS technology to find lost objects and loved ones even in overcrowded areas. This IoT-based solution from Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre links a Bluetooth™ tracking tag with a smartphone app to provide location information. Seekit is a transformative solution in India, where bicycle theft and child abductions are on the rise. 

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The Seekit tracker communicates with the Seekit smartphone app to detect and transmit a location. Tag your child with a Seekit tracker, for example, and a separation alert is triggered whenever he or she moves outside a 30-meter (98.4-foot) radius from your location. The child’s location can be confirmed through the app installed in a smartphone.

Image: An explanatory diagram that shows how the Seekit tracker relays the location of a child to his or her mother. For example, if a child carrying a Seekit tracker boarded a bus and traveled some distance from the mother, the smartphone app of a Seekit user who happened to be near the child would detect the child’s Seekit tracker, via the Seekit’s Crowd GPS function that is called “Seekit Cloud” and would display the child’s current location on the mother’s smartphone app.

Seekit trackers can also be placed inside a wallet or attached to a valuable object, preventing these items from being lost, stolen or accidentally left behind. 

Putting in the grassroots research to build the most effective solution

While developing the Seekit tracking service, the India Innovation Centre dispatched more than thirty experts to every part of the country. They conducted extensive research and numerous interviews over a one-year period to determine the kinds of features that customers would truly value, and adjustments were made during development to ensure the service could easily be incorporated into people’s daily routines. 

As a result, Seekit now meets the IP65 standard, and in addition to being dust-proof and waterproof it sports a drip-proof case. The device uses a button cell battery, eliminating the need for daily charging. Seekit can be carried around without any worries. 

When Seekit’s Crowd GPS is linked up with the Seekit smartphone app, it can detect and transmit a location. The more Seekit users there are in the immediate vicinity, the higher the precision, and the broader the search area and coverage. 

Seeking broader applications for this service, Panasonic announced a strategic partnership with Samsonite in August 2019 to produce a smart suitcase called EVOA Tech with a tracker pre-installed, and has started offering a service that allows users to check the location of their tagged suitcase at any time through a smartphone app.

The Seekit service is currently available exclusively in India. Panasonic will continue to expand Seekit sales in that nation and, through collaborations with companies having a shared awareness of the issues, promote the appeal of the Seekit solution in other countries. 

Panasonic is committed to realizing a safe and secure society, and Seekit provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where your loved ones and valuables are. 

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