Notice on HDMI Cables


Panasonic has released a new series of HDMI Cable, which will incorporate the next technology to interface device to link with AV products.


As part of launching the Panasonic HDMI Cable, Panasonic had conducted a series of test on the different brands of HDMI cables available in the market. Test results showed that these cables might not comply with the HDMI standards. In some cases, the HDAVI Control Functions did not function as expected due to incorrect wiring connections.


Most cables look identical and consumers will encounter problems as stated above, therefore it is important for consumers to ensure they had selected the cables, which meets the HDMI standards.


Consumers are strongly recommended to use only Panasonic HDMI cables to ensure compatibility and reliability.


Panasonic HDMI cables : Length / Part No


  1.5m: RP-CDHG15E
  3.0m: RP-CDHG30E
  5.0m: RP-CDHG50E
  7.0m: RP-CDHG70E
  10.0m: RP-CDHG100E


Benefits of using Genuine Panasonic HDMI cable.


  No Signal Loss - Digital Signal Transmission without deterioration of the sound and picture quality.
  Compatible with many signal formats - Digital Broadcast and 5.1ch Surround in DVD Software are available.
  Minimised Connections - Connection is established by using just ONE cable for Visual and Audio signals.
  HDAVI Control Function - HDAVI Control Intercommunication via HDMI between connected hardware.


Support information


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