Safety Notification

Panasonic would like to notify our Toughbook users, (models - CF-SX Series, CF-AX Series, and CF-C2 Series Only) that there might be a deterioration issue with the battery which may impair the functioning of the device. As a precautionary measure we would urge all users to set their battery charging control to 80% immediately. As a next step, we are developing a user-downloadable software which will diagnose and control the deterioration and remove any related risk. This software will be available from May 2018 onwards. Toughbook owners of CF-SX Series, CF-AX Series, and CF-C2 Series can reach out to us on for further queries and support.


Model: All CF-C2 Series, CF-SX Series and CF-AX Series

<First step>

Until this software is available, as an emergency measure to reduce the risk of accidents, we request that users set the charging control utility (BIOS utility for the CF-SX/CF-AX/ CF-C2).

The method of battery charging control to 80%.
Click here for BIOS Utility download