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Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in September 2014 as a company, with a 100% stake in Panasonic Corporation, specializing in intellectual property.

The purpose of its establishment was to incorporate the main functions of intellectual property activities within the Panasonic Group, such as creation, protection and exploitation of intellectual property and prevention and resolution of disputes, and to clarify the management responsibility of the company, as well as to realize more active contributions to the creation and growth of Panasonic's business.

By leveraging our strengths in know-how related to intellectual property operations of Panasonic, we will expand the activities focused on its "utilization" of Intellectual properties that is linked to business contributions.

Kazuyasu ADACHI
Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer

photo: Kazuyasu ADACHI Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd. President and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Slogan

All for Your Business

In order to contribute to the creation and sustainable growth of your business, Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd. pledges to have advanced expertise and diverse knowledge in its intellectual property activities and to become a company providing intellectual property solutions that exceed your expectations.

Value we provide

Professional Integrator Proposer More Challenge


As a professionals of intellectual property operations, with full knowledge from creation to utilization and diverse businesses and regions, we will increase the value of intellectual property and contribute to the maximization of business results.

Collaboration and integration

We provide optimal intellectual property solutions for business creation and growth and development, through flexible cooperation among specialists of intellectual property operations, businesses, and regions.

ability to propose

We will contribute to the creation of new business models and to the creation of pioneering strategies that combine business, technology, and intellectual property by making the most of our insights based on our experiences and up-to-date information from the field.

More challenge

We will continue to take on the challenge of creating value that exceeds your expectations, based on our culture of free and vigorous debate and a spirit of self-motivated teamwork.

Company Profile

Corporate Name

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


2-1-61, Chuo-ku, Osaka, OBP Panasonic Tower
Osaka, 540-6207 JAPAN


September 1st, 2014


Kazuyasu ADACHI

Business Overview

intellectual property business, including contracts and negotiations related to intellectual property research, applications, rights creation, maintenance and management, and licensing of intellectual property


Panasonic Investment Management LLC    100%


We contribute to business creation and continuous growth and industrial development by providing intellectual property solutions that exceed your expectations, through the combination of advanced expertise and diverse knowledge from the creation and utilization of intellectual property.


The Panasonic Group have been highly evaluated by leading organizations, national and local governments of Japan and overseas, and have received various awards and awards for its R & D activities and intellectual property-creation activities, such as inventions and designs.

Contribution to Society

Now 100 years old, Panasonic, in order to fulfill its social mission of "make people's lives better" for the next 100 years, will further develop its business activities to realize "Consideration for the global environment" and "comfortable life for people". As a company that carries out the intellectual property activities of the Panasonic Group, we will make use of intellectual property related to environmental technology on a global basis and will vigorously address social issues such as environments.


The Panasonic Group agrees with the purpose of "WIPO GREEN" which promotes diffusion and innovation of environmental technology, and participates as a partner. Among our company's environmental technologies, we have registered patents to "WIPO GREEN" that contributes to reducing the burden on the global environment, and are providing our technologies to various companies.

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*our company's environmental technologies are also introduced.


September 2014:

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. was founded.
Hideo TOYODA Appointed President and Director

October 2014:

Started intellectual property trust for all Panasonic Group companies.
Started business utilizing intellectual property trust scheme based on Trust Business Law of JAPAN.
Started filing patents entrusted by Panasonic Co., Ltd.

April 2017:

Kazuyasu ADACHI assumed the position of president.

October 2019:

Company's 5th anniversary event held.