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Panasonic Wiring Devices

Panasonic Wiring Devices

Panasonic is a world leading manufacturer of electric switches and sockets, featuring high reliability, easy installation and compliant with international and local safety standards.

Committed to the Middle East and Africa

From 1918 when Panasonic was established, our brand that embodies leading Japanese technologies has become a globally trusted name. Now our advanced products and cutting edge technologies fulfill the discerning needs of diverse markets and customers in the Middle East and Africa. With its innovative products, Panasonic provides smart solutions that improve daily living.

Easy Installation

Offering switches, outlets and related products that are easy to install as well as being easy to use for consumers is important to Panasonic. Safety standards and guidelines all over the world are addressed and complied with. Product designs emphasize installation ease which in turn promotes uniform installation quality everywhere in the world.

For example,SIMPLUS series are designed to be easily installed in 3 quick steps. Screws are semi-tightened into the box first and the switch body can be easily installed even in the dark.

The Secrets Behind our Quality

Panasonic’s cutting edge products are the results of a continuous technical development process that stresses Security, Safety and Comfort. This is seen in the development of our switches and outlets incorporating outstanding safety measures to better protect homes from various electrical hazards.

Standards Compliance

Standards Compliance

Panasonic wiring devices boast high reliability and are compliant with both international and local standards such as IEC60669, European RoHS directive, Saudi Arabia's SASO and The UAE's Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) by ESMA.

Panasonic offers a wide range of electric switches and sockets with various designs concepts like metallic colors and screwless design. Panasonic wiring devices are available in British Standard (BS-type), American Standard (A-type), as well as Continental Standard (C-type). Browse through our unique series such as Flatima, Refina, Harmony, Wide and Simplus, and choose the one that's right for your needs.