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Subtle and stylish color coordination enhances living environments

Wide color palette to perfectly lifestyle interiors. High level color coordination taking your living environment to the next level


Mix and match a wide range of color combinations

Luxurious appearance with wide color variations creating attractive living space.
*Applicable for aluminum metal plates
Mix and match a wide range of color combinations

Flame-retardant Material

Incorporate Urea Resin.
*with high heat resistance.
*some exceptions
Flame-retardant Material

Durable, Smooth Action

Uses specially designed copper alloy for improved heat resistance, increasing safety when plugging or unplugging electrical products.
Durable, Smooth Action

Direct Driving Mechanism

Panasonic proprietary direct driving mechanism maintains constant connector pressure to ensure low heat stability. Arcing is effeciently minimized because this mechanism with its quick, positive on/off switching action has reduced bounce as well.
Direct Driving Mechanism


First wiring device brand to obtain the SASO quality mark in the Middle East
SASO Quality Mark

First wiring device brand to obtain the EQM quality mark in the Middle East
Emirates Quality Mark

Panasonic socket outlets & plugs have Gulf Conformity Mark (G-Mark), providing assurance to the customers of superior product quality and safety.
Gulf Conformity Mark


Colorful Range
10 color customizable plate and device

Soft touch
Advanced coil spring technology allows for soft and smooth switching feel

Fire proof
Made of flame retardant and fire tracking resistant material

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