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Econavi Humidifying nanoe Air Purifier

Clean and fresh air for you and your family with Panasonic air purifiers featuring nanoe™ purification, Econavi, Mega Catcher, Humidifying function, 3D circulation airflow and coverage area of 52 m².
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nanoe™ Purification

What is nanoe™?
A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.

How does nanoe™ Work?
nanoe™ possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens. Effectiveness of virus/bacteria removal depends on the number of OH radical. With nanoe™ device that generates at a high rate of 480 billion per second, the higher the effectiveness of the anti-virus power.
nanoe™ Purification

HEPA Composite Filter

HEPA Composite Filter not only can remove 0.3µm particles, it also consists of 3 kinds of technology, Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme. It can inhibit 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergen up to 99%.
HEPA Composite Filter

ECONAVI Technology

Pollution level varies according to your daily activities.

You need to change the speed manually or automatically by sensors in order to clean the polluted environment effectively.

How can you have clean air before the pollutants spread around?

ECONAVI is your best solution. ECONAVI is an intelligent technology that can monitor your daily activities and memorize the timeline of the pollution level. It then controls the operation of the product before pollution spreads throughout the house.
ECONAVI Technology

Mega Catcher

Purifying with powerful suction especially near the floor where children play around. 30cm near the floor is full of house dust, when pollutants are detected, the front panel will open according to the pollution level for effective suction.
Mega Catcher


The new Panasonic air purifier possesses the humidifying function, incorporated with the hydration property of nanoe™. It can help restore the moisture back to the skin.

Humidity Sensor
During humidification, humidity sensor will detect the humidity of the room and control the operation accordingly.

Humidity Setting
3 selections of humidity level allow you to choose your preferable environment. (High= around 60%, normal= around 50%, Controlled= around 40%)

Humidity Indicator
You can recognize the exact humidity level of surrounding by digital humidity display.

Human Active Sensor

Detect Pollen, Virus & Dust
Human Active Sensor


Photo of F-VXK70M

Size and Weight


*Unit Dimensions

Extra filter

Protects against sandstorms

Applicable Area

52 m² (560 ft²)

Humidifying Capacity

700 mL/h

Applicable Area [m² (ft²)]

  • 52 (560)

nanoe Purification

  • nanoe™

Air Purifying

  • Air Volume [m³/min]

    • High
      • 6.7
    • Medium
      • 2.7
    • Low
      • 1.1
  • Power Consumption [W]

    • High
      • 66
    • Medium
      • 11
    • Low
      • 6
  • Noise [dB(A)]

    • High
      • 54
    • Medium
      • 33
    • Low
      • 18

Air Purifying & Humidifying

  • Humidifying Capacity [ml/h]

    • High
      • 700
    • Medium
      • 400
    • Low
      • 250
  • Air Volume [m³/min]

    • High
      • 6.3
    • Medium
      • 3.1
    • Low
      • 1.9
  • Power Consumption [W]

    • High
      • 58
    • Medium
      • 15
    • Low
      • 10
  • Noise [dB(A)]

    • High
      • 53
    • Medium
      • 36
    • Low
      • 25

HEPA Filter

Large Particle Pre-filter

  • • (*3)

Filter Replace Indicator / Filter Life Check


  • DC

3D Circulation Airflow

Twin Airflow Louver

Mega Catcher


Eco Mode

  • -

Auto Mode

Turbo Mode

  • -

Sleep Mode (8 hours)

Spot Air Mode


  • Dirt / Odor / Humidity

Light Sensor

Clean Sign

Humidity Indicator

Humidity Setting

Child Lock

Seamless Drive

Tank Capacity [L]

  • 3.5

Tank Stand

Caster Lock

Dimension (HxWxD) [mm]

  • 560 x 360 x 240

Weight [kg]

  • 8.6

Human Activity Sensor

HEPA Filter (Lifespan)

  • F-ZXKP90Z (10 Years)

Deodorizing Filter (Lifespan)

  • F-ZXFD70Z (10 Years)

Humidifying Filter (Lifespan)

  • F-ZXKE90Z (10 Years)

Pre-Filter (Lifespan)

  • F-ZXKA90Z (10 Years)

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