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CS-YW24WKS, Split Air Conditioner

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Efficient Cooling & Heating Air Conditioner

Experience quick, efficient climate control with our air conditioner. Its rapid temperature adjustment and energy-saving technology ensure comfort. In heating mode, it smartly adjusts the fan speed, preventing cold blasts. It’s a seamless blend of quick cooling, consistent warmth, and energy efficiency.
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ECO Mode

One button control to start up the mode. The Air Conditioner cools the room much faster and then operates at low frequency but keeps the desired temperature.
ECO Mode


This function is used for fast Heating or cooling. Turbo feature activates fast cooling or heating option to bring your room to a desired temperature speedily and effectively

Powerful Cooling

Panasonic air conditioners are designed with a level of durability that delivers high performance even under the harsh environment of regions such as the Middle East. Tough specifications allow them to with stand operating temperatures up to 52ºC, and prevent the entry of sand and dust.
Powerful Cooling

Anti-cold Air

In Heating mode, the indoor fan speed is controlled according to the evaporator temperature. Only when the temperature is warm enough, the fan begins to operate, preventing any cold blasting at the beginning of unit running or after defrosting period.
Anti-cold Air

I Feel Mode

There is built-in with an additional temperature sensor in the remote controller to lively monitor the surrounding temperature, therefore, the aircon can adjust room temperature more accurately and provide extra comfort to users.
I Feel Mode

4- Way swing

4 Way swing enable 360-degree air flow. Delivering cool air to every corner that leaves the customers to feel ultimate cooling with comfort
4- Way swing

Gold Fin Condenser Strong and durable anti-corrosion

The Condenser fins are coated to enhance its durability against water, air, and other types of corrosions.
Gold Fin Condenser Strong and durable anti-corrosion

60+ years of Manufacturing Experience.

Our R&D focuses on ease of use, and our history of rigorous quality control is unmatched in the industry. As a result, with more than 60+ years of experience, Panasonic has sold over 70 million air conditioner units in Japan and around the world.
60+ years of Manufacturing Experience.


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Size and Weight


*Note: Indoor Unit Dimensions

Quick access with ECO mode to cools the room faster at low frequency

Turbo feature activates fast cooling to bring your room to a desired temperature speedily and effectively

4 Way swing enable 360-degree air flow




  • Heat & Cool


  • Fixed Speed, Rotary


  • R410

Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) (T1/T3)

  • 21000/19200

Heating Capacity (W)

  • 5550

EER (Btu/hW) (T1/T3)

  • 12.2/8.7

Electrical Data (T1/T3)

  • Voltage (V)

    • 220-240
  • Running current (A)

    • 7.6/9.8
  • Power input (W)

    • 1721/2207

Pipe Extension (m)

  • Maximum Pipe Length

    • 15
  • Maximum Height Difference

    • 5

Operating (Ambient) Temperature

  • 52°C

Indoor air volume (Cooling/Heating)

  • m³/h

    • 1500/1500

Connection Pipe

  • Gas (inches)

    • Φ15.88(5/8'')
  • Liquid (inches)

    • Φ6(1/4'')

Net Dimension (IDU / ODU) (W x H x D (mm))

  • 1186 x 340 x 258 / 920 x 380 x 699

Gross Dimension (IDU / ODU) (W x H x D (mm))

  • 1265 x 415 x 338 / 960 × 400 × 732

Net / Gross Weight (Kg)

  • IDU / ODU

    • 18/44 (N)
      26/48 (G)

Stuffing Qty

  • 40HQ

    • 135

Country of Origin

  • China

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