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Hot Hair Styles from L.A.

Hot Hair Styles from L.A.

Panasonic Beauty has collaborated with Judd Minter to bring you the best of fashionable hair styling.
The three voguish hair styles shown here can be created easily and repeatedly by using our hair dryer and straightener.

“It's not about covering up, it's about uncovering women's beauty.”

The words of Judd Minter; celebrity LA-based hair stylist. A pro with 20 years’ experience, he aims to bring out the elegance and radiance every woman longs to show with proven tips and tricks.
With Panasonic hair styling products, you too can add a professional touch like Judd’s and it couldn’t be easier. Its unique technologies ensure optimal heat, airflow, and moisture while enhancing hair’s intrinsic beauty.

Hot Hair Styles from L.A.

Top-notch LA styles recommended by Judd:

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