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Powerful 1700 W Meat Grinder MK-GX1700

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Smooth Grinding Performance

The meat grinder features powerful 1700 W motor and blades made in Japan, allowing it to grind meat efficiently. It also comes with various attachments to make variety of food.
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Grinds More Meat, More Quickly

Grinds More Meat, More Quickly
The combination of specially designed blade and Panasonic’s motor technology further increase the meat grinding performance. The 1700-watt* motor efficiently grinds meat with capacity up to 3.0 kg/min.
*Max. Locked Motor Approx. Wattage

Grind Large Quantities of Meat at a Time

Its deeper shape make it easier to keep meat on the tray, and it’s convenient to use when you want to grind a large amount of meat at any time.
Grind Large Quantities of Meat at a Time

High-Quality Blade Made in Japan

Blade Designed for Cutting Meat Cleanly

In Japan, a common technique used for cutting ingredients is pulling the knife towards you as you cut. This helps to cut cleanly since it uses the sharpest part of your knife. Our curved blade edge can achieve the same effect. In addition, the blades is slightly bulged, as seen on traditional Japanese swords, which help to bite into the flesh better.
Blade Designed for Cutting Meat Cleanly

Retains the Flavour and Nutrients in Meat

In general, having a clean cut when cutting meat is one factor that affects the amount of meat dripping. Our cutting blade easily cuts through the fibre of the meat to minimise drips and to ensure a smooth and even mince meat.
Retains the Flavour and Nutrients in Meat

Japanese Craftsmanship for High Durability

The blade, which greatly affects the performance of grinding meat, is made with the technology used for Japanese knives. One of the characteristic of Japanese kitchen knives is, they come in a variety of shapes to suit the food to be cut, which is made possible by the high level of technology of the blade producers.
Japanese Craftsmanship for High Durability

IF design award

The award-winning Meat Grinder, honored with the prestigious IF Design Award, simplifies meat preparation with its innovative features. A deeper tray effortlessly feeds chunk meat, while its compact and simple body ensures easy cleaning, promoting hygienic mincing. Users can adjust mincing levels with sharp cutting blades, achieving desired textures. Versatile attachments cater to various cooking styles, enhancing culinary creativity. This appliance sets a new standard in kitchen convenience, combining efficiency, hygiene, and adaptability to elevate the cooking experience for all users.
IF design award

Interchangeable Cutting Plates and Attachments to Match the Cooking Style

Coarse Cutting Plate

Coarse Cutting Plate

Medium Cutting Plate

Medium Cutting Plate

Fine Cutting Plate

Fine Cutting Plate

Kubbe Attachment

Kubbe Attachment

Easy Operation

Easy to Replace Attachments

The cap that holds an attachment in place is shaped with an edge that makes it easy to grip and turn, allowing easy removal and replacement of an attachment even with greasy hands after grinding.
Easy to Replace Attachments

Simple Two-Button Operation

Easily push On/Off button when grinding. In the unlikely event of food clogging, press the On/Off button to stop the machine before pressing the Reverse button to reverse the rotation to clear the clogging.
*If overloading occurs due to jammed ingredients, the circuit breaker automatically stops the motor for safety.
Simple Two-Button Operation

Easy to Clean

Efficient Cleaning Brush

You can use this single brush to clean all the different size holes of the cutting plates. It effectively clears clogged holes in the cutting plates after use to make cleaning easier.
Efficient Cleaning Brush

Neatly Stored Attachments

All attachments can be stored compactly inside the food pusher. Attachments can also be stored together with the main unit, so you don't have to worry about where to keep them.
Neatly Stored Attachments

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Size and Weight


Powerful 1700 W Motor

Blade Made in Japan

Large Hopper Plate

On/Off Switch and Reverse Function

3 Cutting Plates, Kubbe Attachment

Compact Storage of All Attachments

Rated Power

  • 245-290W

Locked Wattage

  • 1700W

Cutting Capacity

  • 3.0kg per min

Fixed Cutter Plates

  • 3 sets

Cutter Hole Size

  • 5x(10~), 3.9, 2.4

Kubbe Attachement

  • Yes

Sausage Attachment

  • No

Body material

  • Plastic

Hopper material

  • Plastic

Hopper size (mm)

  • 1000cc+

Country of origin

  • China

Cleaning tool

  • Cleaning plate

Control method

  • Button

Reverse switch

  • Yes

Nozzle setting

  • Diagonal insert + button

Accessory Storage

  • Yes (in the pusher)

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