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NI-GT150ATH Pump Type Steam Generator Iron for Effortless Glide and Comfortable Use

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Smoother Glide and Lightweight for Convenient Ironing

Enjoy a comfortable ironing experience to wrinkle-free clothes. The compact and lightweight design even makes storage easy.
  • 95 years of history
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Bulk Ironing, Lesser Time

Bulk Ironing, Lesser Time
Iron all your family's clothes effortlessly, smoothing out wrinkles in less time, even with a bulk of clothes.

Smooth and Stable Glide

Smooth and Stable Glide
The durable graphite ceramic soleplate improves gliding performance for a better ironing experience than conventional ceramic soleplates.

Faster Wrinkle Removal

Powerful Continuous Steam

Press the button to unleash a powerful boost of steam to smooth out wrinkles quickly.
Powerful Continuous Steam

Ready in Just 60 Seconds

Easily detach the water tank for refills. Immediately start ironing once the water tank is back in place.
Ready in Just 60 Seconds

Designed for Convenience

Designed for Convenience
The compact and lightweight design lets you easily carry and store the iron anywhere.

Easy to Use

1. Compact in Size

Saves space with a more compact size to fit anywhere at ease.
1. Compact in Size

2. Keeping You Safe

Locks the iron to the pedestal with carry lock, making it easier to carry.
2. Keeping You Safe

3. Easy Storage

The steam hose and power cord fit into the unit for neater storage.
3. Easy Storage

User-Friendly Control Panel

1 Self Cleaning

Easily remove internal calc from the heated iron with just the push of a button.
*Press the power button for seven seconds, and then click the steam button on the handle to start self cleaning.
Self Cleaning

2 Water Saving

ECO Mode saves water when ironing thinner fabrics with a lower volume of steam.
*Press the power button for three seconds to start the Eco mode. The indicator light stays lit while the mode is in use.
Water Saving

3 Friendly Reminder

The indicator reminds you when to descale and refill water.
Friendly Reminder


Photo of NI-GT150ATH Pump Type Steam Generator Iron for Effortless Glide and Comfortable Use

Size and Weight

  • Powerful SteamPowerful Steam
  • Quick StartQuick Start
  • Smooth GlideSmooth Glide
  • Detachable Water TankDetachable Water Tank
  • Auto-offAuto-off

Smooth and Stable Glide with Graphite Ceramic Soleplate

Wrinkle Removal with 660 g/m of Powerful Continuous Steam

Quick 60-Second Start-up

East to Carry at only 2.6 kg

Carry Lock to Safely Carry the Unit Anywhere


  • Steam Generator Iron


  • 2000 - 2400 W / 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Steam Amount

  • Up to 115 g/m

Steam Setting

  • 2 Settings (Max / Eco)

Steam Shot/Boost

  • Approx. 660 g/m

Water Tank

  • 1.5 L

Ready Time

  • 60 Seconds


  • Graphite Ceramic

Temperature Setting

  • Linen / Cotton / Wool / Silk / Acrylic


  • Yes

Cord Length

  • 1.8 m


  • *[Test agency] Internal survey; [Method] Pull an iron forward using a measuring instrument to measure how much force is required to move the iron; [Model] Results were compared between an iron with graphite ceramic soleplate and one with ceramic soleplate; [Result] Graphite ceramic provides an 80% smoother glide than ceramic.

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