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Twin Tub Washing Machine 16kg NA-W16XG1B

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Large washing capacity with strong wash

The Panasonic Twin Tub Washing Machine has exceptional detergency that can effectively wash large loads of laundry.Using an abaya motif that gives off an elegant feel, rustproof plastic material is used for the body so it does not deteriorate even when used outdoors.
  • Super Air Dry
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Large capacity with strong wash

Thanks to the large capacity, it is possible to wash large items such as mats and blankets. Even with the increased capacity, the high washing capability remains the same. Large amount of clothing can now be washed at once to significantly reduce the time spent on housework.
Large capacity with strong wash

Gently wash delicate clothing

A gentle hand wash net for delicate clothing is included. Place clothes such as an abaya inside the net and set the laundry mode to “Gentle Hand Wash” to wash without damaging them. There is no need to worry about colors bleeding onto other clothes. Wash your favorite abaya everyday with a peace of mind.
Gently wash delicate clothing

Super Air Dry

Moisture is released from the spin tub through the air holes on the outer lid. This will get rid of the dampness in clothing and speed up the drying process after the spin procedure.
Super Air Dry

Long Durability

The Panasonic Twin Tub Washing Machine features a body with UV protection and rust-proof treatment. There is no need to worry about partial discoloration caused by sunlight or corrosion due to rust when using outdoors. This washing machine can be used comfortably for a long time.
Long Durability

Softness and luxury

The design of this twin tub washer combines softness and luxury. The ring design on the spin tub produces a sense of luxury with fine and precise lines. The knobs that prioritize user-friendliness are finished with a simple shape with smooth curves for a high quality feel.
Softness and luxury


Photo of Twin Tub Washing Machine 16kg NA-W16XG1B

Size and Weight


* Specifications are subject to change without notice for furthe r improvement.

  • Super Air DrySuper Air Dry

Capacity: 16kg

Big Size Body

Tough Body

General Specifications

  • Capacity

    • Wash
      • 16kg
    • Spin
      • 13kg
  • Voltage

    • 220-240V
  • Frequency

    • 50Hz
  • Dimension (W x D x H) mm

    • 1,015 x 600 x 1120
  • Product weight (kg)

    • 34 kg
  • Gross weight (kg)

    • 40 kg

Wash Side

  • Number of Washing Programs

    • 3 (Strong (Comforter)/Regular/Gentle Hand Wash)
  • Wash Timer

    • Yes (Soak 20 min + Wash 15 min)
  • Water Level Adjustment

    • Yes (Low/Medium/High)
  • Power Consumption

    • 500 W

Spin Side

  • Spin Timer

    • Yes (Up to 5 min)
  • Power Consumption

    • 250W

Convenient Features

  • Rustproof Body

    • Yes
  • UV Protected Body

    • Yes
  • Lint Filter

    • Yes
  • Accessories

    • Spinner Cap
      • Yes
    • Inlet Hose
      • Yes
    • Foot
      • Yes (5)
    • Drain Hose
      • Yes
    • Gentle Hand Wash Net
      • Yes

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