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Big Capacity Top Freezer Refrigerator

A refrigerator that is perfect for a healthy lifestyle. The unique technology maintains ideal temperature for better freshness and taste. It’s effective and even cooling process along with the super chiller zone keeps your food fresh and rich in nutrients for a longer period of time. The premium grey steel finish exterior look compliments your home environment.
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Big capacity Freezer

Allows ample space to store more items with easy access.
Big capacity Freezer

Dual Crisper with separate Humidity Control

Double Veg Crisper with separate Humidity control leaves the ultimate choice to customers to adjust the moisture insider the crispers effectively for Veg & fruits.
Dual Crisper with separate Humidity Control

Separate Chiller Zone

Chiller zone helps to cool stored items faster & is convenient to store items chilled at 2 degree Celsius.
Separate Chiller Zone

Surround cooling

Effective cooling system to distribute cold air evenly throughout the compartments.
Surround cooling

Elegant Grey Steel Finish

Provides a premium look to the exterior
Elegant Grey Steel Finish

More Advanced Cooling with intelligent Inverter Control

A refrigerator is always on, so it uses more electricity than any other household appliance. But there’s no need to worry with a smart inverter refrigerator. It varies power to suit the situation – more power during the day when it’s often opened and closed, and less power during the night when it’s hardly used. The result is extremely efficient operation for dramatic energy saving, less noise and quick, powerful cooling.
More Advanced Cooling with intelligent Inverter Control

Reliable Japanese quality

Reliable Japanese quality

10-Year Refrigerator Compressor Warranty

10-Year Refrigerator Compressor Warranty


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Size and Weight


*Net Dimensions

Big Capacity Freezer

Surround Air Cooling Flow

Dual crisper with separate himidity control

Inverter Technology


  • Inverter

Climate Class

  • T

Pretection Against Electric Shock

  • I

Rated Voltage/Frequency

  • 220~240V/50~60Hz

Rated Power(W)

  • 115W

Rated Defrost Power(W)

  • 215W(230V)

Lamp Rated Power(W)

  • 4

Rated Current(A)

  • 1.2

Foaming Agent

  • Cyclopentane

Total Gross Volume(L)

  • 507

Gross Freezer Volume(L)

  • 127

Total Storage Volume(L)

  • 468

Freezer Storage Volume(L)

  • 101

Refrigerator Storage Volume(L)

  • 367


  • R600a,48g

Freezing Capacity(kg/24h)

  • 5

temperature rise value

  • 10h

Net Weight(kg)

  • 73

Gross Weight(kg)

  • 82


  • 43dB

High Side(Psi)

  • 245

Low Side(Psi)

  • 110

Product Dimensions(mm)(wxdxh)

  • 700*670*1880

Packing Dimensions(mm)(WxDxH1)

  • 755*710*1955

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