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Netflix Recommended TVs

Netflix Recommended Television

Netflix Recommended TVs – Best Panasonic Streaming TVs 2019

Built For A Better Netflix Experience

Netflix Recommended TV, means you are getting the best experience for Netflix. Netflix Recommended TV is an evaluation program that recognises TVs that offer better performance, easier app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV.

Built For A Better Netflix Experience
What is Netflix Recommended TV

What is Netflix Recommended TV?

The Netflix Recommended TV evaluation program currently assesses TV models based on seven factors, covering all areas of your Netflix viewing experience. To qualify for the Netflix Recommended TV badge in 2019, TVs must meet at least five of the seven criteria.

The criteria includes a combination of performance requirements that set them apart from other smart TVs, by providing an overall better experience for Netflix as well as other streaming services.

Enjoy Faster Access to Netflix

Netflix Recommended TVs can allow you to enjoy faster TV and app launch, and a faster experience switching between apps.

With the Netflix button on your remote control, a single press allows you to turn the TV on and open Netflix instantly.


Easier to Navigate

With a user-friendly TV menu, Netflix and your other favourite apps are always easy to find. Alternatively, you can access Netflix directly via your remote using the Netflix button.

Faster, Easier… and Better

Netflix Recommended TVs offer a superior browsing experience with the newest features and latest content always on display.

A high-res browsing interface provides the viewer with sharper text, clearer images, and the latest functionality.

Netflix Recommended TVs come with the latest version of Netflix, ensuring you have access to all the newest features.

With ‘Always fresh’ functionality, the TV updates in the background, so the latest Netflix TV shows and movies are always displayed.

Faster, Easier… and Better

Panasonic Netflix Recommended TVs

With many models and sizes to choose from, explore our range of Netflix recommend Televisions.

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Premium 4K LED LCD TV TH-65HZ1500M