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Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

At Panasonic, our ultimate goal is to help people live their best lives by promoting useful, high-quality products that have a positive impact on the world and our customers’ day-to-day lives. We are also committed to innovating new, sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet.

Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

Accommodating dietary diversity with ease

The kitchen of tomorrow will be a place where products and services work together to make it easier for everyone to learn even the most difficult cooking processes.

Providing value to a wide range of food-related needs

We will work with external partners to enhance the value that Panasonic brings to a wide range of food-related needs—for example, by combining the knowledge of food ingredients with our products’ learning capabilities.

Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

Caring for your appearance, diet, exercise and sleep

Skin, hair and oral care as well as the quality of diet, exercise and sleep can be improved for you and your family.

Analysing health data to improve effectiveness

The integrated analysis of personal physical and mental health data can enable more effective care for your body as it grows, support ageing care, and reduce the burden on healthcare services.

Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

Keeping out bacteria whilst placing devices harmoniously

Effortlessly inhibiting certain unwanted bacteria and allergens from entering your home and being able to blend devices into your spaces will become the new norm.

Inducing the best sleeping experience

A better sleeping experience can be realized through sensor technologies and intelligent algorithms.

Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.

Contributing to carbon neutrality

We are striving towards carbon neutrality through CO₂ reduction solutions that utilize our unique technological capabilities.

Transitioning to a circular economy

By taking a proactive role in environmental initiatives on global scale, we are committing ourselves towards developing a circular economy.

Our Vision of Holistic Wellbeing