Panasonic announces new capabilities for its KX-VC HD visual communications range

Panasonic announces new capabilities for its KX-VC HD visual communications range
Panasonic announces new capabilities for its KX-VC HD visual communications range

Software upgrade Version 6.0 features Web Hybrid Mode that allows users to bridge HDVC and Web conference together

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has announced the availability of its enhanced KX-VC HD Visual Communication range with the new Version 6.0 software.  Setting a new benchmark in video conferencing technology, the software update features a new function – the Web Hybrid Mode –which enables users to bridge HDVC and web conference together on a computer. Software Version 6.0 is now included across KX-VC models (KX-VC2000, KX-VC1600, KX-VC1300 and KX-VC1000).

Another useful feature introduced with Version 6.0 is the USB Device Mode, which enables the use of existing peripherals of HDVC unit in Web conferences.  The HDVC System’s camera, microphone, speaker and monitor can be connected to the web conference PC, thus realizing effective, high-definition visual communication without restrictions on time, place or number of participants.

“The KX-VC models are at the core of our HDVC solutions with already a solid record of industry-leading features that support efficient and high-impact video conferencing.  The enhancements provided by Software Version 6.0 further strengthen these models’ capabilities, especially in helping our customers improve cost effectiveness and greater productivity.  This also supports Panasonic’s goal of creating frictionless, reliable and integrated video conferencing solutions that respond to a wide range of communication needs in various fields, such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more,” Nelson Edward, Product Manager, Panasonic, said.

In addition to the Web Hybrid Mode and the USB Devise Mode, other key features from Version 6.0 include:

• USB Recording
Videoconferences can be recorded onto a USB memory stick connected to the HDVC System. In addition to recording a remote site, users can record images and sounds from their own site and PC contents sharing together, and easily start recording using the remote control. The recorded data can be played on a personal computer, and can be easily shared among multiple sites via the HDVC System.

• Contact List Transfer
The HDVC System contact list of a specific site can be transferred to the HDVC System of another site through the network. This makes it possible to centrally manage the contact list of the HDVC System and improves the efficiency of operational management.

• Web Console
Web Console makes it easier and more efficient to control HDVC remotely from a web browser.  This is especially ideal for operations in large conferences/halls.

• Cascade Mode Application
Available in the high-end model KX-VC2000, this feature makes it possible to expand partial videoconference groups under a particular videoconference unit without adding or expanding the existing central server or central network infrastructure. This functionality also makes it possible to configure more than 24 sites of the HDVC videoconference system without an external server or MCU. Cascade Mode Application is beneficial for relatively large organizations, such as governmental organizations or large group companies, who frequently hold group representative conferences and distribute it to all attendees.  This is also useful for large-scale remote learning or training facilities, such as educational institutes or service-oriented companies.

The KX-VC HDVC range offers Full HD 1080p image quality, crystal-clear audio and allows Dual Network connection.  This line-up also provides flexible system configurations and can connect up to 24 sites to meet customers’ needs.  View the whole Panasonic HDVC product series at


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