Panasonic releases KAIROS, next-gen live video production platform

Panasonic releases KAIROS, next-gen live video production platform

KAIROS was developed based on a new concept and architecture and allows proprietary and innovative software to be executed on the GPU

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Panasonic Corporation has released the “KAIROS”, next-generation IT/IP live video production platform to the UAE markets. The new video production platform from Japanese electronics manufacturer is designed to deliver significantly improved quality and productivity to live video production, venue preparation and video streaming services of broadcasters and event producers for professional sports games, musical concerts and other events.

The live video production needs to adapt to newer technologies today, especially at the Covid-19 situation, to create more sense of reality at event venues where multiple projectors and LED Video Walls are used to display multi-screen images in the UAE. Since these technical evolutions and requirements are remarkably advancing, there are only very few solutions to meet these requirements; however, KAIROS is the answer to these challenges among other devices.

To enable swift utilisation of rapidly evolving software and hardware ecosystem, Panasonic has established a new concept called “KAIROS Alliance Partners”, through which the company promotes linkage with the partners’ products as well as system integration with the aim of establishing KAIROS as a de facto standard of next-generation video production platforms.

Panasonic proposes the new concept, “Smart Live Production” and KAIROS plays the central role in enhancing “creativity.” It continues to promote KAIROS that systematically links Panasonic’s reputed products such as cameras for capturing images and projectors/displays for presenting images.

Key Features

Allows flexible combination of a diversity of input and output interfaces.
● Fully supports baseband signals (12G/3G/HD-SDI, HDMI, DisplayPort) *1 and IP packets (ST 2110, NDI®, RTP).
● An unlimited number of inputs and outputs can be connected. Up to 32 inputs and 16 independent outputs*2 can be used simultaneously in the case of HD (3G). Up to 8 inputs and four independent outputs*2 can be used simultaneously in the case of 4K (UHD).
● Two customizable multi-viewer outputs (DisplayPort) can display up to 36 images.
● Supports PTP (Precision Time Control) synchronization and allows the use of ST 2110-based system.

Flexible video expression by GPU processing
● Unrestricted by the number of MEs or keys. Layers can be placed as many as the GPU capability permits, and keys, scaling, and other effects can be applied.
● The CANVAS function (optional) enables the production of videos in a special format, such as 32:9 (for wall display). The multi-viewer displays special-format videos in the original format.
● Live images of sports events and musical performances can be captured with the ambiences intact.
● They are equipped with a RAM recorder (8-ch, uncompressed) and Media Player (HD 2-ch, compressed) to enable the in-system playback of video files and their use as video sources. They also support still-image files.

Panasonic releases KAIROS, next-gen live video production platform

Intuitive GUI, control panel with user-assignable keys, software-based operability and expandability.

● ”KAIROS Creator” PC software features an intuitive GUI. GUI control panel can be displayed for space-saving operation.
● Addition of application software enables linkage of external devices.
● ”KAIROS Alliance Partners” program has been established to promote collaborations with IT/video manufacturers and vendors.

Know more:

*1: Deltacast FLEX modules are required for baseband signals.
*2: Maximum number of inputs and outputs when the option is used.
NDI® is registered trademarks of NewTek in the United States and other countries



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