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Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program

Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program

The Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program (“PIAP”) 2022 will comprise of region’s 25 most engaging micro influencers who will use their passion in creating content to engage and empower their community to live their best. As a global leader with rich legacy in consumer electronics advancements, Panasonic deeply understands what it means to truly partner with its customers. In fact, the brand acknowledges that these valued relationships inspired a number of Panasonic’s most popular and important products, and the partnership between Panasonic and the consumer continues to be a well of innovation.

Through PIAP 2022, we want to engage with influencers, whose creativity will not only open new opportunities for them but also help us make a difference in the lives of our customers and beyond. The selected influencer will enjoy exclusive discounts and get the chance to try top Panasonic products so they can share their experience with their audience, and in turn educate them how Panasonic products can help them live happier and healthier lives.

Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program
Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program
Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program

Be a Part of Something Big and Enjoy an Experience Like No Other!

The selected influencer of the PIAP 2022 will be part of a team consisted of 25 influencers who are social media influencers who will help us spread Panasonic’s core philosophy of helping people live their best.

As an influencer and part of PIAP 2022, you will be provided the latest Panasonic products to review so you can create content sharing your experience. We encourage you to use your creative capabilities as well as imaginative and engaging posts. Based on the engagement on the posts and other criteria set herein below, we will be selecting five members out of the 25 members as the ultimate top five with the Panasonic Middle East & Africa ‘Influencer of the Year’ Award. On top of the recognition, the five Influencers of the Year Awardees will also win a PIAP trip to Japan for a truly amazing experience like no other!

Panasonic Influencer Affiliate Program

Terms & Conditions:

The following terms and conditions shall govern the selection of influencers for the PIAP by Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (“Panasonic”), through its authorized agency (“Agency”) for the purposes of the PIAP:

1. To Sign up for PIAP - Click here
2. Participation Criteria:
(i) Applicant must be based in any of the countries: UAE/KSA/Kuwait/Qatar/Iraq/Jordan/Pakistan;
(ii) Must be of the age of 21 years and above;
(iii) Must be an influencer on Instagram and/or TikTok with more than 10,000 followers. Snapchat gives added weightage.
3. 25 influencers will be selected by Panasonic through the Agency to participate in the PIAP.
4. Criteria of selection will be based on the average of engagement rate of the social media channels of the applicants. Influencers shall be selected based on the engagement weight which will assessed by signing up through this link.
5. Panasonic reserves the right to replace any shortlisted influencer, who fails to meet any of the requirement of the PIAP.
6. The 25 selected influencers will receive 5 products each from Panasonic for content creation and the choice of the product shall be at the sole discretion of Panasonic.
7. The 25 selected influencers shall sign a contract for deliverables (“Deliverables Contract”) with the Agency of Panasonic. The Agency shall be the only point of contact for the 25 selected influencers, and nothing contained herein shall in any way deem to mean that influencer can enforce any right under the PIAP against Panasonic. The terms of the Deliverables Contract shall govern the terms of engagement with the 25 selected influencers for this PIAP which shall be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions given herein.
8. Minimum of 2 posts per product is mandatory. Can be more for more engagement.
9. Contents shall be in accordance with the applicable laws including media and advertising laws, intellectual property laws and shall not be against public morals and ethics.
10. Content needs to be posted before January 2023.
11. Five (5) final winning influencers will be selected basis the highest engagement generated through all their posts and stories for Panasonic in Feb 2023. Decision made by Panasonic shall be final and binding.
12. The Five (5) winners will win Panasonic Middle East & Africa ‘Influencer of the Year’ Award (Feb 2023) and PIAP Trip to Japan OR Panasonic product vouchers for equivalent compensation in case of any force majeure event.
13. All rights in relation to the PIAP are reserved by Panasonic including right to cancel the Program.
14. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.