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Frequently Asked Questions - Air Conditioners

Frequently Asked Questions - Air Conditioners

Q1: Are the models CS-F28DB4E5/CU-B28DBE5 inverter or non-inverter models?
A1: Air conditioners models CS-F28DB4E5/CU-B28DBE5 are non-inverter type.

Q2: Energy Star rating for the model Panasonic CS-K18PKF?
A2: Energy star rating is “5”.

Q3: What is the Compressor horsepower for Panasonic CS-K18PKF?
A3 Compressor horsepower for Panasonic CS-K18PKF is 2HP.

Q4: What is the lowest amperes model Panasonic CS-K18PKF settles at after attaining required temperature set by user?
A4: It will be Approx. 8.5A (running current).

Q5: Is this model CU-K24PKF have inverter technology?
A5: Yes, this is Inverter model AC.

Q6: Do e-ions harm the human body?
A6: They have no effect on the human body.

Q7: Isn’t cleaning the e-ion filter troublesome and doesn’t it become easily clogged with dust?
A7: Not at all. It has to be cleaned as frequently as a conventional air filter. (Cleaning is recommended once every 2 weeks.) The e-ion filter uses much finer fibers than those in conventional filters to improve air flow through the filter, which helps to prevent clogging.

Q8: What is meant by "Powerful Cooling Even at 55C?"
A8: Cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55C. In consideration of the severe temperature conditions in desert regions of the Middle East, units feature a highly a highly durable compressor and fan motor to maintain room comfort even under hottest conditions

Q9: What is advanced e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor?
A9: Panasonic's unique system now lets you enjoy both cool air with Air Conditioning and clean air with Air purification from a single unit offering 2-in-1 value of an Air Conditioner and Air Purifier

Q10: What do you mean by Patrol Sensor?
A10: It monitors the dirt level and informs you of dirt level with color indications. When the dirt goes above a certain level, the air purifying system automatically starts operating. The sensor changes color depending on the level of dirt in the air to provide visual confirmation of air quality for extra peace of mind

Q11: What do you mean by positively charged e-ion filter?
A11: Electric dust collection with a big filter assures powerful collection. It attracts forces between positively charged filter and negatively charged dust particles to efficiently pull in the dust for powerful collection

Q12: How can we say Panasonic actively develops environmentally conscious products?
    ENERGY: We are promoting the use of high energy - saving performance invertor technology in products. The dissemination of environment- friendly products helps to minimize energy consumption in homes and prevent Global warming
    MATERIAL: None of the products we ship contain any specified chemical substances (Lead, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, mercury, specified bromine frame retardants) regardless of the market. To reduce environmental load of products due to the possibility of pollution after they are disposed, we are continuing to create products that are easier to recycle
    FACTORIES: Our manufacturing sites around the world have acquired ISO 14001 certification. We are also taking steps to reduce the environmental load through energy-saving efforts and reduction of waste and chemical emissions

Q13: I want clarification about Panasonic Air Conditioner model number CS-PC18MKF. Is it 2 horse power?
A13: The model PC18MKF cooling capacity is rated at 2 HP (18000 BTU/h) 1.5 ton. 1 HP = 746w.
But when choosing an air conditioner, usually 1 HP (horse power) equipment is able to remove 9000 BTU/hr. of heat. 1 HP Air-Cond has BTU capacity ranging between 9000-10000.
    1.5 HP Air-Cond has BTU capacity ranging between 11000-13000.
    2 HP Air-Cond has BTU capacity ranging between 15000-25000.
    2.5 HP Air-Cond has BTU capacity above 20000.