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Frequently Asked Questions - Air Purifiers

Frequently Asked Questions - Air Purifiers

Q1: Does the direct flow of AC air can affect the performance of the air purifier?
A1: Yes, direct airflow to the purifier will affect the performance (if using regular fan also).

Q2: Can I use my air purifier model F-PXH55 in open window?
A2: It is not recommended to use the air purifier in open window environment.

Q3: Can I keep the air purifier near to my bed?
A3: Air purifiers should be placed about 6 to 10 feet from the head of your bed, with the directional registers pointed toward you. Any closer you might feel a draft, any further away and you might not receive the full benefit of breathing filtered air.

Q4: What is the Ozone level released while using Panasonic Nanoe technology F-VXK70M?
A4: Ozone release level of Panasonic F-VXK70M air purifier is under 50 PPB.