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Frequently Asked Questions - Camcorders

Frequently Asked Questions - Camcorders

Q1: When I copy videos from HC-X920K to my personal computer to burn them in DVD, Date and time not appear! How to stamp date and time on the DVDs or Blu-rays?
A1: When you copy videos via USB, Date and time will be transfer with the video. Stamping of date and time depends on DVD burner software you are using, as some software has ability to burn video with date and time, while some are not.

Q2: What is Lux Level?
A2: A scale used to measure light intensity. All of our camcorders have a very low lux rating, meaning they can still be used in low light levels.

Q3: What is AVCHD Format?
A3: AVCHD is a standard developed jointly by Panasonic and Sony for HD Video cameras.

Q4: I upgraded my OS from win xp to windows 10 and I couldn't find how to download Video cam suite for SDR-H60P to support win 10.
A4: Currently Video cam suite is not supported on windows 10.

Q5: What are the OS Supported by download Video cam suite for SDR-H60P?
A5: It support Win8 (32Bit/64Bit)/Win7 (32Bit/64bit) or SP1/Win Vista (32bit) (Sp2).

Q6: Does the model Panasonic HC-MDH2M support Apple MAC PC's?
A6: Yes, it supports Mac OS X 10.8.4.

Q7: Is there is any wired or wireless Remote Control system for rounding and retraction Panasonic HC- MDH2?
A7: The IR and port for remote are not available for this model, only TV remote using VIERA Link.

VIERA Link: This function allows you to use your remote control for the Panasonic TV for easy operations when this unit is connected to a VIERA Link compatible device using HDMI cable (optional) for automatic linked operations. (Not all operations are possible.)

Q8: How to set the play timer for my Panasonic SC-PM250?
A8: You can set the timer to come on at a certain time to wake you up.

Set the clock.
    1- Press [Setup] repeatedly to select”TIMER ADJ”.
    2- Press [▲, ▼] to set the start time and then press [OK].
    3- Do step 2 again to set the end time.
    4- Press [▲, ▼] to select the source you want to plat and then press [OK].

To start the timer
    1- Press [SETUP] repeatedly to select “TIMER SET”.
    2- Press [▲, ▼] to select “SET” and then press [OK].

“Clock” is shown.
To cancel, select “OFF”.
The system must be switched off for the timer to operate.

To check the setting
    1- Press [Setup] repeatedly to select ”TIMER ADJ” and then press [OK]. In standby mode, press [DISPLAY] two times.

    • The timer starts at a low volume and increases gradually to the preset level.
    • The timer comes on at the set time every day if the timer is ON.
    • If you switched OFF the system and then switched ON again while a timer is in operation, the timer will not stop at the end time.

Q9: Does Panasonic SDR-H60 camcorder with the CamSuite 2.0 software support Windows 10?
A9: This model is not compatible with windows 10.

Q10: Does Panasonic Camcorders are compatible with all video tripods?
A10: Not all, if the size of the tripod screw hole is matched with Camcorder then it will fit.

Q11: Does the model HC-V10 support external microphone?
A11: Models HC-V10 does not support external microphone.

Q12: When I plug my headset into A/V plug in there is a very strange and strong background sound.
A12: A/V connector is for connecting the out of the video camera in to TV.

Q13: Can I record video or shoot pictures by my Panasonic HC-W580 without opening the screen?
A13: No, It’s mandatory to open the screen and use the camera.

Q14: Is Panasonic HC-MDH2 Camcorder support SD memory card type?
A14: Yes, it supports capacity of 512MB/1GB/2GB.

Q15: Is Panasonic HC-MDH2 Camcorder support SDHC memory card type?
A15: Yes, it supports capacity of 4GB/6GB/8GB/12GB/16GB/24GB/32GB.

Q16: Is Panasonic HC-MDH2 Camcorder support SDXC memory card type?
A16: Yes, it supports capacity of 48GB/64GB.

Q17: Can I download Windows 7 appropriate USB driver for Panasonic NV-GS11?
A17: This model does not support window 7.

Q18: Does Panasonic NV-GS47supports windows XP or windows 7?
A18: Panasonic NV-GS47 is an old discontinued model it’s not compatible with windows XP or Windows 7.