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Frequently Asked Questions - Microwave Ovens

Frequently Asked Questions - Microwave Ovens

Q1: Please tell me why Model Panasonic NN-CD997S Shows Error H97? What is the problem?
A1: If NN-CD997S displaying error H97 means the investor is not functioning. The magnetron may also be faulty. It’s recommended to visit your nearest Panasonic authorized service center.

Q2: What is the Inverter Technology?
A2: Unique to Panasonic microwave ovens, the conventional transformer and capacitor have been replaced with an Inverter circuit board. This has many benefits including reducing the weight of the oven, maximizing the cooking capacity and most importantly; due to better power control, improving the cooking performance.

Q3: How to reset all program for Panasonic microwave oven model NN-S651WF?
A3: Press “Micro power pad” button and select time to cook.

Q4: Can I use the steel racks (low and high racks) when warming / cooking food in my microwave NN-CD997S?
A4: It is not recommending to use any steel or metal plates/ wire shelfs inside the unit, this can lead to unit defective.

Q5: What's use of Wire shelf parts in my microwave?
A5: Wire shelf parts are to be used when you are using grill function.

Q6: What is the physical specs i.e. Width, depth and height of Panasonic NN- CT651M?
A6: Outside Dimensions: 513(W) x 306 (H) x 471 (D) mms Weight: 17.2 kg (approx.).

Q7: I have used my oven to warm cotton bags filled with whole corn. Does it matter what load is heated so long as material being heated absorbs heat?
A7: For popcorn Customer should set power level & cook time by themselves. Normally, select micro power level is P7~P8.
As for the setting cook time, it based upon the popcorn weight. (Normally the weight and cooking time will be printed on the packaging).
Usually, when you hear the “POP” sound in every 4s to 5s, it indicates the popcorn is almost ready.
In other words, in every 4s to 5s you hear the “POP” sound, the popcorn should be ready to serve and you can now press STOP.

Q8: I did mobile test to check radiation leakage for my oven, but it failed the test. Can u please confirm should I discard my oven or this is normal with your ovens and is it safe for use?
1. Cell phones use a different microwave frequency than ovens.
2. Phones are very sensitive detector so that it will ring.

That’s does not mean radiation leakage.
All our Panasonic microwaves are tested at Panasonic factory for radiation leakage and its according to the UAE standards, therefore the microwave is safe to use.

Q9: What is the reason for 2 Grill setting available in this model
A9: Grill 1(High) is suitable for grilling meat, chicken and fish fillets. Grill 2(Low) is ideal for grilling whole fish, oven bake chips and browning cheese and egg dishes

Q10: What are the direction to be followed while grilling?
A10: The grill is particularly useful for thin slices of meat, steaks. Chops, kebab, sausages or pieces of chicken. Also for Hot sandwiches. The food being grilled should normally be turned over after half the grilling time. When the oven door is open, the program is being interrupted. Turn the food, place it in the oven, close the door and restart the oven. While grilling, the oven door can be opened at any time to check the food.

Q11: The oven causes Interference with my TV
A11: Some radio and TV interference might occur. It is similar to the interference caused by small appliances such as mixers, vacuums, hair dryers etc. It does not indicate a problem with your oven

Q12: Why is steam and warm air inside the oven?
A12: During Cooking, Steam and warm air are given off from the food. Most of the steam and warm air are removed from the oven by the air which circulates in the oven cavity. However, some steam will condense on cooler surfaces such as oven door. This is normal.

Q13: What is Microwaves and How They Work?
A13: Microwaves are a form of high frequency radio waves similar to those used by a radio, including AM, FM and CB.
Electricity is converted into microwave energy by the magnetron tube (which is the heart of the microwave oven).
From the magnetron tube, microwave energy is transmitted to the oven cavity. The microwaves are converted to heat in the food. The microwaves enter from the outside of the food and travel through the food. Continued cooking to the center occurs by conduction.
Although pacemakers used to be affected by microwaves (as well as by other radio waves), they are now shielded and are not bothered by these Interferences. This allows people with pacemakers to sit calmly by their radio or television and cook with microwave ovens.

When the microwaves come in contact with a substance, any one or a combination of three things may occur. They can be:
    3. ABSORBED Reflection

Metal substances REFLECT microwave energy because there is no absorption and there is no heating. This is why the oven interior is either
Stainless steel or paint-coated steel. This ensures that the microwaves are kept inside the cavity and evenly distributed throughout the food with the help of the turntable.

Such substances as paper, glass and plastic TRANSMIT microwave energy and do not become hot except from food. Because these substances do not reflect or absorb microwave energy, they are ideal materials for microwave cooking containers.

Food contains moisture and will ABSORB microwave energy, which causes the moisture molecules within the food to vibrate at an incredible rate (2450000000 times per second). Friction, Created by vibration, produces heat energy which is conducted throughout the.

Q14: What is the Sensor heat in Microwave oven?
A14: This feature allows you to reheat precooked, room temperature or refrigerator temperature food without having to select times and powers. The oven does it automatically.

Q15: What is the "Set Timer" in Microwave oven?
A15: This feature allows you to program Standing Time after cooking is completed and to program the oven as a minute timer and/or to program delay start.