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Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Care

Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Care

Hair Dryer:

Q1: Does the model Panasonic EH-KE46 works with ions or hot air to dry the hair?
A1: It is using hot air blow for the hair dry process.

Q2: What type of heating coil is used in Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B Hair Dryer? Is it, Metal coil, ceramic or tourmaline or something else?
A2: Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B hair dryers consist of electric heating coils and a fan for circulating.


Q1: What is Multi-direction floating head?
A1: The shaver follows the contours of your face and leaves no hair un-shaved. The blades move in all directions. The float selector allows selecting three levels of floating distance.

Q2: What is the difference between ES-LV9N and ES-LV9N-S?
A2: ES-LV9N and ES-LV9N-S are totally same. ES-LV9N-S means the shaver ES-LV9N in Silver color. Depending on regions we have several ES-LV9N asper regions specifications & standards.

Q3: I am wondering whether the model ES-2216 purchase from US has 110 V can be used in South Africa?
A3: The Specifications of products vary from country to country and region to region. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the nearest service center for more information on the usability of the product in different region / country.


Q1: Is the blades for Panasonic ER-1511 Trimmer is single-use or it can be sharpened and reused?
A1: The blades it is not recommended to be sharpened and reused.

Q2: How to clean the blades for the model Panasonic ER-1511?
A2: Cleaning process for the blades is as follows:
    1. Brush off any hairs from the clipper and around the blade.
    2. Remove the blade and brush off the hairs from the blade edge.
    3. Brush the hairs out from between the stationary blade and the moving blade while pressing down on the cleaning lever to raise the moving blade.

Q3: Which model of beard trimmers provides the closest shave look?
A3: All Panasonic trimmers shave up to 0.5 mm

Q4: According to the manual I must charge my ER-GB75S for 8 hours, the first time. After one hour of charge, the Red light is not glowing. So should I still continue to charge it for 8 hours, as mentioned in the manual?
A4: When charging the trimmer for the first time or when it has not been in use for more than 6 months, the lamp on the main body may not glow for a few minutes, or the operating time may shorten. Please charge it for more than 8 hours in such cases, Other than this Charging will be completed after approximately 1 hour. Disconnect the adaptor when the charge status lamp stops glowing.

Q5: Does the model ER-GB75S automatically shut off supplying power to the unit if the unit is fully charged? Or if it is still plugged into the power socket, can that lead to damage and overcharging?
A5: There is no overcharging will occur. But it is recommended releasing from power if the light stops glowing (red light indication).

Q6: What is the difference between the model ER-GB75-S and the model ER-GB-80-S?
A6: There is no difference between ER-GB75S & ER-GB80S models.

Q7: What is the difference between the models ER-2031 and ER-2051?
A7: ER-2051: Have 12 cutting length (2-18), universal voltage, cord/cordless, 1 hour charge, 40 min usage, Made in Japan, adjustable dial for length setting, special comb
ER-2031: Have 12 cutting length (2-18), universal voltage, cord/cordless, 8-hour charge, 40 min usage, Made in Japan
*Please note that ER-2051 and ER-2031 have the same shape

Q8: Where is the country of origin of model ER-217?
A8: The model ER-217 is made in Japan.

Q9: Can the model ER-GP80 hair clipper be used for body grooming?
A9: No. Cannot use the hair clipper for body grooming

Q10: Is it possible to use the ER-147 Panasonic charge recharger adapter for ER206?
A10: No. The specification is different.

Q11: How long it required for mode ER-217 to be charged?
A11: Panasonic ER-217 charging time is 8 hours and operating time/charge is 50 Min.

Q12: What is the difference between ER-GD60 & ER-GD40?
A12: The difference between Panasonic ER-GD60/ER-GD40 is: Color of main body.
    ER-GD60: Two types of attachment are included.
    ER-GD40: One type of attachment is included.

Q13: In order to obtain a length of 3mm, I have to insert the attachment with the wheel positioned to 0.8mm or 2mm?
A13: For adjusting, Set the wheel positioned to “0.8mm” and then mounts the attachment to the clipper.

Q14: Can we use Panasonic ER-2051 for trimming head hair?
A14: Panasonic model ER-2051 is for trimming and care of Beard/Mustaches hair.

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