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Frequently Asked Questions - Projectors

Frequently Asked Questions - Projectors

Q1: We have Christie projector and Panasonic projector model PT-DZ20k. One of the noticeable differences between the Christie and the Panasonic is that Panasonic CAN’T handle 120 Hz of frequency rate on a full HD Resolution (1920 x 1080), but on a lower resolution like 1024 x 768 it can see the 120 Hz easily. We tried the emitter that they used for Christie on our Panasonic, and the emitter didn’t work. Tried with all the settings but still we can’t find a solution for this.
A1: Please note according to the operation manual the 3D IR Transmitter to be used along with your projector PT-DZ20k is Panasonic model TY-3DTRW.

Q2: Is the model Panasonic PT-DZ21K compatible with HDBASE + HDMI?
A2: No. Panasonic model PT-DZ21K is not compatible with Tripp Lite HDBASE + HDMI.

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Frequently Asked Questions Projectors