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Frequently Asked Questions - Telecommunications & Office Automations

Frequently Asked Questions - Telecommunications & Office Automations

Fax Machines:

Q1: How to receive single confirmation for a multiple of faxes sent from KX-FP362?

A1: To stop printing report every transmission fax sent, you have to turn off “Printing sending report transmission”.
    • “ON”: A sending report will be printed out after every transmission.
    • “OFF”: Sending reports will not be printed out

    Follow below steps for manual printing configuration:
        1- Press[Menu] repeatedly to display “PRINT REPORT”
        2- Press [◄] or [►] repeatedly to display the desired item.
        3- Press [SET] to start printing.
            • To stop printing, press[Stop]
        4- Press [Menu].

Q2: I bought cartridge Panasonic UG3380, how to know it’s genuine or fake cartridge?
A2: Original Panasonic toner cartridge product having sealed box, bar code & warning sticker and some of the other toner model are with Panasonic name.

Q3: Can Panasonic model KX-FLB756 supports upgrade from Win XP to Win 7 or higher?
A3: For KX-FLB756 window 7 interface driver is not available for this model, only for vista OS 32bit.


Q1: Meaning of Error Code-D
A1: Printer door is not closed securely. Close the printer door securely

Q2: Meaning of Error Code-F
A2: scanner or screen is in strong sunlight or strong lighting. Change the direction of the screen or block the light


Q1: We have a conference phone (Polycom Sound Station 2). Is it compatible with Panasonic KX- TES824 which is not having an analog Extension?
A1: Panasonic KX-TES824 will support IP interface, only analog interface, If Polycom device have analog port for call control operations, the answer is yes you can connect to TES and use it as SLT. But if Polycom support only IP, so, we recommend using Panasonic KX-NS500 which supports both analog and IP interface for extensions.

Q2: Does the model Panasonic KX-TES824 have USB driver software for (Microsoft windows 8, 64 bit)?
A2: Currently, USB driver SW for KX-TES824 will only support windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit).

Q3: We lost the SD card of our kx-TDA100D system, how to set the system back to working status?
A3: SD card is very important in TDA100D system, as the SD card carries system configuration information.

    You need to purchase SD card from nearest Panasonic authorized reseller in your place. Install the SD card in the TDA100D system.
    • If you have taken backup of the system configuration, then just login to the system and reload the backup. Your system will be running fine.
    • If you have not taken the backup of the system, then you need start the configuration from scratch.

Q4: What’s the main difference between KX-NS500 and KX-TDA100?
A4: The main difference of KX-NS500 over KX-TDA100 is the platform.
NS500 is using web based console maintenance while TDA is using PC maintenance console.
Smart Hybrid PBX KX-NS500 is the Successor of KX-TDA100 with higher trunk & extension capacity and can support SIP.

Q5: Would you please provide me the driver for KX-TE Maintenance Console for Windows 10 64 bit?
A5: KX-TES824 windows 10 / 64 bit driver is not available, current driver only supporting Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit).


Q1: Does the model Panasonic KV-S2028C Document Scanner support Windows 10?
A1: Yes, the model KV-S2028C support Windows 10 (32 bit/ 64 bit).

Q2: Is Panasonic scanner model DP-4510 is black and white?
A2: Yes, this model only scans black and white.


Q1: How to set the Number of rings before the unit answers a call for the model KX-TG6541?
A1: You can change the number of times the phone rings “Ring count” before the unit answers calls. You can select 2 to 7 rings, or “Toll saver”. The default setting is “4 rings”. The changes can be done through the cordless and not necessarily the base unit.
        1, [MENU] → [#][2][1][1]
        2, [▼] / [▲]: Select the desired setting.
        3, → [SAVE] → [OFF].

Q2: My Panasonic KX-TG6811E phone shown the call barred memory is full.
A2: when memory is full, you have to removed or clear the unwanted entries.

Q3: How to erase unwanted entries from KX-TG6811E phonebook memory?
A3: For erasing an entry:
        1, Find the desired entry → [menu]
        2, [↨]: “Erase” → [OK]
        3, [↨]: “Yes” → [OK] → [Off/Power].

Q4: How to erase all messages from KX-TG6811E phone memory?
A4: For erasing all messages:
        1, [Menu][#][3][2][5]
        2, [↨]:“Yes” → [OK] → [Off/Power].

Q5: How to erase call block numbers from KX-TG6811E phone memory?
A5: For erasing call block numbers:
        1, [Menu]→[#][2][1][7]
        2, [↨]: “Single Number” or “Range of Numbers” → [OK]
        3, [Menu] → [↨]: “Erase All” → [OK]
        4, [↨]: “Yes” → [OK]
        5, [↨]: “Yes” → [OK] → [Off/Power].

Q6: Which model having compatible hand set for KX-TG3662?
A6: Panasonic model KX-TGA365 hand set is compatible with these models: KX-TG3661, KX-TG3662, KX- TG3668, and KX-TG3669.

Q7: The ring volume on Panasonic model KX-TG2712FXB is off suddenly, How to increase the ring volume?
A7: Adjusting the handset ringer volume:
        While the handset is ringing for an incoming call, lift the handset and press ▲ or ▼ repeatedly to select the desired volume.

    Programming the volume beforehand:
        Setting -> Handset Set up -> Ringer Set up - > Ringer Volume.

Q8: What Kind of battery is to be use with the model KX-TG6721EM?
A8: Battery Model HHR-4MVE.
    – Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH)
    – 2 x AAA (R03) size for each handset.

Q9: Can we use the standard Duracell AAA battery to operate Panasonic KX-TG6721EM? Or we need rechargeable battery?
A9: Yes, you could use other normal or rechargeable batteries (2 x AAA) sold in a market, but the unit is not guaranteed to work properly.

Q10: How to unblock numbers in model KX-TG6841?
A10: In order to remove the number from block list just delete it by following this steps: Viewing/editing/erasing call block numbers
        1, [MENU] #217
        2, [↨]: Select the desired entry.
            • To exit, press [OFF].
        3, To edit a number: [EDIT] → Edit the phone number.  → [SAVE]  → [OFF]

    To erase a number:
        [ERASE] → [↨]: “Yes” → [SELECT] → [OFF]

    Base unit:
        1, [MENU] #217
        2, [↨]: Select the desired entry.
            • To exit, press [EXIT].
        3, To edit a number: [EDIT] → Edit the phone number. → [SAVE] → [EXIT]

    To erase a number:
        [ERASE] → [↨]: “Yes”→ [SELECT] → [EXIT]

    Note for handset and base unit:
        • When editing, press the desired dial key to add, [CLEAR] to erase.
        • When viewing, “Block w/o num” is displayed if the blocking incoming calls
        Without phone number feature is turned on.
        To turn the feature off: [ERASE] → [▼] → [SAVE] → [OFF] (Handset) or [EXIT].

Q11: I have charged my phone for 15 HRS, I can receive incoming calls but can’t make outgoing calls. When I dial a phone number, there is message: “supplying power to base, don’t pick up” /place handset on base to charge”.
A11: Check the battery and replace it with new one, Replacement batteries may have a different capacity from that of the supplied batteries. We recommend using only rechargeable Ni-MH batteries AAA (R03) size.
    – Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH)
    – 2 x AAA (R03) size for each handset

Q12: How many contacts can I save in the model KX-TS880 phonebook?
A12: You can add 50 names and phone numbers.

Q13: Is there is a way to print the phonebook or save it somewhere else?
A13: No, there is no other way to save the data.

Q14: What are the possible reasons for the phonebook to be erased?
A14: Phonebook data will only be erased when phone memory is corrupted or damage by electromagnetic pulse.

Q15: How to change the language from German to English in model KX-TG8551?
A15: To change the language settings follow below steps:
    Step 1:
        Changing the unit’s region setting/Resetting the base unit
            1, [Menu]: (middle soft key) #136
            2, [↨]: Select the desired country. → “Other” = countries except Czech and Slovakia
                “Česká rep.” = Czech
                “Slovensko” = Slovakia
            3, [↨]:“Yes” → OK [Off/Power].

        • The following items will be deleted or reset to their default settings:
            – SMS settings
            – Answering system settings (KX-TG8561 series)
            – Time adjustment
            – Base unit ringer volume (KX-TG8561 series)
            – Base unit transmission power
            – Privacy mode
            – Base unit PIN
            – Dial mode
            – First ring
            – All SMS messages
            – Caller list
            – Voice mail messages
            – Call restrict
            – Category name (Shared phonebook)
            – Category ringer tone

        • The following items will be retained:
            – Display language
            – Date and time
            – Phonebook
            – Handset name
            – Repeater mode
            – Recordings, including you’re greeting message and caller messages
            – Call screening (KX-TG8561 series)
            – Call barred list

        • If you select the desired country in step 2, the following default settings will be changed for the selected country’s default settings.
            – Recall/flash time.
            – Message center 1 and 2
            – SMS on/off

        • According to your country selection in step 2, the answering system announcement language changes as follows (KX-TG8561series):
            – “Other” = English
            – “Česká rep.” = Czech
            – “Slovensko” = Slovak

        • After changing the unit’s region setting/resetting the base unit, is displayed on the handset momentarily. This is normal and the handset can be used once is displayed.

    Step 2:
        Display language: 16 display languages are available you can select any.
        1, [Menu]: (middle soft key) #110
        2, [↨]: Select your desired language. →Ok
        3, [Off/Power].

Q16: How many handsets can be added to the Panasonic base station model KX-TG6541?
A16: You can use up to maximum of 6 handsets only with a single base unit.

Q17: How to change alarm settings for the model KX-TG6511?
A17: An alarm sounds at the set time for 3 minutes once or daily. Alarm can be set for each handset. Important:
    • Set the date and time beforehand.
        1, [MENU] → [#] [7] [2] [0]
        2, [▲] / [▼]: Select the desired alarm option. → {SELECT}
            Off: Turns alarm off. Go to step 7.
            Once an alarm sounds once at the set time
            Daily an alarm sounds daily at the set time. Go to step4
        3, Enter the desired month and date → [OK]
        4, Set the desired time.
        5, [AM/PM]: Select “AM” or “PM”. → [OK]
        6, [▲] / [▼]: Select the desired alarm tone → [SELECT]
            • We recommend selecting a different ringer tone from the one used for outside calls.
        7, [SELECT] → [OFF]
            • When the alarm is set, [Alarm is on] is displayed.

Q18: How to decrease the sound volume for Panasonic KX-TG7841 phone main system?
A18: Press navigation key Up & down during call to make the volume high or low.

Q19: How to view the dialed missed and received calls in the model KX-TG3611BX?
A19: To view the missed call and received call, View CID → Press (▼) to search from the most recent call, or (▲) to search from the oldest call.

Q20: Does the model Panasonic KX-TG3611BX have speaker facility?
A20: Yes, it has speaker phone.

Q21: Does this phone support Conference Call?
A21: Conference call is only available in KX-TG3612 or KX-TG6822 models.

Q22: Can you define the difference between the models Panasonic KX-TG1611 and KX-TGB110 Panasonic Cordless phones?



Frequency Range

1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz

-1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz

Talk Time / Standby Time / Charge Time

15 Hours / 170 Hours / 7 Hours

10 Hours / 200 Hours / 7 Hours

Phone book memory

Handset (50 Names)

Base unit (50 Names)

Caller ID Memory

50 items

20 items

Advanced Alarm Clock


Yes (A day of the week / Snooze)


Single / Bundle



Aqua / Purple / Beige / Red / White / Black

Black Only


DECT Phone

DECT Phone




Standby Power Consumption

0.6 W

0.75 W


Yes / 3 Way

Yes / 3 Way

Q23: Can the model Panasonic KX-TG6812 supports 3 way conference facility with 2 outside lines. Either conference with 2 outgoing calls or conference with 1 incoming 1 outgoing call.
A23: Yes, KX-TG6812 model will support 3 way conference facilities with 2 outside lines.

Q24: My Panasonic KX-TG6511 handy phone is not outputting any sound from the headset (no dial tone nor the voice of the person calling will be heard), but if I use speaker phone, it will work fine!
A24: There could be several reasons behind the below symptom. You may try the following and check.
    1) Re-register your headset to the base: Press MENU on the headset, then #130. Or, press and hold the LOCATOR key on the base unit for about 5 seconds.
    2) Disconnect the telephone line and the base unit’s AC adaptor from your set, and then plug everything back again. You may also remove the batteries from the headset and then insert them back again. (Surely the batteries are still ok?).

Q25: What is the difference between the models Panasonic KX-TG3611SX & KX-TG3611SXB?
A25: Only the color is the difference between KX-TG3611SX & KX-TG3611SXB.

Q26: How to extend the range of 4GHz KX-TG3611SXB Digital Cordless Telephone?
A26: There is no available extender for the model Panasonic KX-TG3611SXB.

Q27: Can batteries for KX-TG1311 be charged by ordinary charger or must it be on the phone charger?
A27: Yes, you can charge it using separate charger as long as the charger specification is compatible.

Q28: Can I put pin code security for the model Panasonic KX-TGA277SA?
A28: Keypad lock is not available for the model KX-TGA277SA.

Q29: Will the model KX-TG2361JXB works in Canada?
A29: Yes, Model KX-TG2361JBX will work in Canada but please note that this phone uses 2.4 GHz- 2.48 GHz frequency and it might interfere with the Wifi signals since they have the same frequency as shown below.
    Base Unit
        Power supply: AC Adaptor (220-240 V AC, 50/60 HZ)
        Power Consumption: Standby: Approx. 2.3 W | Maximum: Approx. 5.2 W
        Frequency: 2.4 GHZ-2.48 GHZ
        Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 85mm x 175 mm x 200 mm
        Mass (Weight): Approx. 470 g

        Power supply: AC Adaptor (220-240 V AC, 50/60 HZ)
        Power Consumption: Standby: Approx. 1.1 W | Maximum: Approx. 3.9 W
        Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 69mm x 74 mm x 99 mm
        Mass (Weight): Approx. 110 g

        Power supply: NI-MH battery (3.6 V 830 mAh)
        Frequency: 2.4 GHz – 2.48 GHz
        Dimensions (H x W X D): Approx. 208 mm x 52 mm x 39 mm
        Mass (Weight): Approx. 190 g
        Security Codes: 1000000
        Dialing Mode: tone (DTMF) / Pulse Operating Environment: 5°C - 40°C

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Q30: What is the maximum calling distance for Panasonic KX-TG3611SXB Cordless phone?
A30: The model KX-TG3611 is using 2.4 GHz & the standard range for this frequency is 300-2000 feet or around 600 meters.

Q31: How to access to [MENU] settings for the model KX-TG7841.
A31: Follow below process to access menu settings
• Control type

    Soft keys
        The handset features 2 soft keys. By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown directly above it on the display. After a cellular phone is paired, [CELL] is displayed.

    Navigator key
        – [▲], [▼], [◄], or [►]: Scroll through various lists and items.
        – (Volume: [▲] or [▼]): Adjust the receiver or speaker volume while talking.
        – [◄] [Phonebook]: View the phonebook entry.
        – [►] REDIAL: View the redial list.
        – [▼] CID (Caller ID): View the caller list.

Q32: How to set up call barring for Panasonic cordless phones model KX-TG6822?
A32: To setup call barring please follow these steps:
    Storing unwanted callers
        You can store up to 50 phone numbers in the call barred list.
        You must store the phone number with an area code in the call barrzd list.
            ● From the caller list:
 1, [▼] (Missed call)
                2, [↨]: Select the entry to be barred. → [Displays the menu]
               3, [↨]: “Save CID” → [OK]
               4, [↨]: “Caller Barred” a [OK]
               5, [↨]: “Yes” → [OK] → [Off/Power]
            ● By entering phone numbers:
               1, [Displays the menu] #217 → [Adds new entry]
               2, Enter the phone number (24 digits max.). → [OK]
                    To erase a digit, press [C].
               3, [Off/Power].

Q33: Does the Model No KX-TGA939BX is compatible with the Model KX-TG9385 and if it is not compatible, which handset which will be compatible with Model KX-TG9385?
A33: The model Panasonic KX-TGA939BX is an additional handset which is compatible with Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone model KX-TG9385. (You must register this handset with your base unit before it can be used).

Q34: Does KX-TG 6822BX 'ECO' mode operational and the transmission power of the base unit is cut down by 90% when the second handset is on and in the vicinity (say, 5 meters) of the base unit?
A34: When another cordless device is detected, there is a possibility that ‘ECO’ mode may not work, not operate or reduce the transmission power, but, it may also work.
Without ECO mode, any phone when it is in standby mode or not in used, transmission power is already low since you are not sending any data & receiving power is still high due to it is always waiting to receive incoming data. But with ECO mode, transmission power in standby mode is much lower & receiving power still the same as it is always waiting to receive data.

Q35: Is it correct to assume that a reduction in the transmission power typically translates into a reduction in the radiation emanating from the base unit?
A35: Yes, definitely when transmission power is low, radiation also is low.

Q36: Can the model KX-TG3711 be used for conferencing?
A36: Yes, KX-TG3711 is capable of conferencing but it is having only one handset, So, additional handset has to be added

Q37: How can I change the ringtone of my telephone KX-TGF380?
A37: The ringtone for this model is fixed, and it cannot be changed.

Q38: What’s is the compatible handset for my base unit model KX-TG6451?
A38: The compatible handset for Panasonic KX-TG6451 is the model KX-TGA641.

Q39: How to enable Talking name of the caller feature in my Panasonic KX-TG3721?
A39: Panasonic cordless phone KX-TG3721 does not support contact name recognition.

Q40: Can I register two handsets for model KX-TG6451?
A40: This model does not support multiple or more than one hand set.

Q41: Is conference call feature available in the model Panasonic KX-TG3721?
A41: Model Panasonic KX-TG3721 has only one hand set and cannot support conference call.

Q42: How to disable the auto answering feature permanently for the model KX-TG3531BX?
A42: Please refer to below procedure setting code is “0”
    Programming using the direct commands:
        1. [Menu]
        2. Enter the desired feature code.
        3. Enter the desired setting code→[Save]
            *This step may vary depending on the feature being programmed.
        4. [Off]

        ● ‹› indicates the default setting
        ● If you make a mistake or enter the wrong code, press[Off], then start again from step1.
        ● Feature → Auto talk →code [0][3] → Setting code [1]: on [0]: ‹off›.

Q43: How to register the handset to the base unit for the model KX-TGA243B?
A43: Re-registering the handset
If “No link to base. Move closer to base, try again.” is displayed even when the handset is near the base unit, you may need to re-register the handset to the base unit.

        • Make sure the base unit is not being used.
        • Have the handset and base unit near each other when re-registering the handset.

        1, Handset: Press [MENU].
        2, Scroll to “Initial setting” by pressing [↓] or [↑], then press [→].
        3, Scroll to “Registration” by pressing [↓] or [↑], then press [→].
        4, Base unit: Press and hold [HANDSET LOCATOR] until the CHARGE indicator flashes.
            • After the CHARGE indicator starts flashing, the rest of the procedure must be completed within 1 minute.
        5, Handset: Press [OK], then wait until the handset beeps.
            • Registration is complete.

Q45: Does model Panasonic KX-TGB112 has loudspeaker?
A45: This model has no loud speaker capability.

Q46: Is it possible to do factory reset for more than one set of KX-TG5431 at one time? instead of one by one factory reset for many devices same model?
A46: No. it has to be done one at a time.

Q47: Can base unit KX-TG6521E be registered with Hand set KX-TGA682E?
A47: Not possible to register both models. KX-TGA682E handset has different base model. Please find below compatible handset as per base model.

Base Model

Handset Model



X-TG6811E & 6821E


Q48: How to delete all the personal information and delete contacts on a KX-TG7641?

A48: Please follow below steps in order to erase all caller information:
        1- MFN CID
        2- METASEN a MbN: “Yes”

    Base unit:
        1- « CID
        2- MERASEN A MbN: ”Yes”

Q49: Can we connect the model KX T7705 directly to public telephones network and use it as a landline phone?
A49: This telephone model is designed to be used with Panasonic PBX systems only and must not be directly connected to the public telephone network.
In other words, this model will not work if directly connected to telephone land line on the wall and there is no other way to make it work alone without PBX system.

Q50: We purchased KX-TGF353N from Singapore and the device is installed in Lebanon, Callers ID is enabled on the phone but when we receive call, caller ID will not appear.
A50: If frequency is different, Caller ID cannot be used. Also, noise interference might occur or interfere.
    Lebanon: Frequency range: 1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHz
    Singapore: Frequency range: 1.92 GHz to 1.93 GHz.

Q51: Is it compulsory to use AAA Rechargeable batteries for KX-TGF310BXM or we can use AAA non Rechargeable Duracell batteries?
A51: You may use & insert the Non-rechargeable batteries into the base unit that will power the unit temporarily when there is a power failure.
        The following batteries can be used with the base unit:
            * Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, (including the batteries used in the handset(s))
            * Standard (non-rechargeable) alkaline batteries
            * Do NOT use manganese batteries
            * Make sure to confirm correct polarities (-) & (+)

• Base unit can fully charge Ni-MH batteries in about 15 hours
• Only insert alkaline batteries once a power failure occurs & remove the alkaline batteries when power is restored.

Q52: How to connect headset to Panasonic KX-TG6841 Is it 2.5 mm plug size?
A52: Panasonic compatible headset for KX-TG6841 is having 2.5mm size (Small baby stereo plug) and PC is using 3.5mm (Standard size commonly used for mobile phones).

Q53: How to change the language for Panasonic product KX-DT543 it displays strange language to me?
A53: Language can only be change through PBX system programming and not in the KX-DT543 unit.