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Ibusuki Hakusuikan

Contributes to labor savings at resort-type lodging facilities

The Ibusuki Hakusuikan hotel features multiple hot springs inside its building. Including its famous sand bath, the hotel also has an Edo-style Genroku bath, as well as an open-air bath where you can hear the sound of the waves. We recommend that you arrive early, so your stay will be longer. For that reason, we pay close attention to deodorization and hygiene at our hotel, and instruct our employees to constantly spray hypochlorous acid whenever an area is free of guests. We had the opportunity to experience the deodorizing effects of the ziainoTM, and started using nine units, mainly in our dining area. Our employees mention how easy it is to use, such when adding water. In addition to its labor savings, we are considering adding more units thanks to the ziaino'sTM ability to inhibit out-of-reach bacteria.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 9
Prefecture: Kagoshima
Owner: Ibusuki Hakusuikan Co., Ltd.

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