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Kid's Terrace at Seiju

Childcare for sick children that enables parents and staff to feel at ease

Our center was opened as the first "company-operated childcare facility" in Akita Prefecture. The establishment of our facility was supported by the government in order to contribute enabling a balance between work and child-rearing. Our center also includes a facility that provides temporary childcare for sick children. An elderly care facility operated by our Seijukai group started using the ziainoTM, after which we decided to use it at our facility based on its highly rated sterilization and deodorization effects. Two units have been installed in our nursery room for sick children to enable staff to provide care with peace of mind. Also, in order to eliminate parents' anxiety about infections, one has been installed at the entrance shared with the general nursery room. It lets them know that we are paying close attention to sterilization measures.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 3 units
Prefecture: Akita Prefecture
Operator: Seijukai Social Welfare Corporation

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