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Water Purifier TK-CS10


Provides safe and clean water for your daily life




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Non-woven fabric and
powdered activated carbon

Non-woven fabric and powdered activated carbon

The non-woven fabric provides exceptional filtration performance to remove coarse particles of dirt. At the same time, the activated carbon, which has an outstanding self-cleansing effect, absorbs harmful substances such as red rust and mold. These two features work together to provide clean water.

Compact & stylish design

The stylish design is an ideal match for modern kitchen interiors. It’s also easy to install and compact, so it doesn’t take up space.

Plentiful flow of purified water

Long-life cartridge

A single long-life cartridge can purify 12,500L of water. There’s no need to replace a cartridge for about 1 year*.

* When used to purify 30 L of water/day

Wide, rotatable outlet pipe

For extra installation versatility, the outlet pipe can rotate approx.350° in either direction.

With a high filtering capacity of 6.5L per minute, you’ll always have plenty of clean water.


Water Purifier TK-CS10
6.5 Litre /min Filtering Capacity
Residual Chlorine:95%
Powdered activated carbon
Non-woven fabric
Long Cartridge Life 12,500 Litre For Residual Chlorine






Replacement Catridge

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