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Facial Hair Trimmer ES2113


Pivoting Head for Fine Detailing

Facial Hair Trimmer



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The pivoting blade swings 10-degrees to the left and to the right, following the contours of the skin.

Two Blades
Two Combs

Groom eyebrow hair to your desired length

Gentle to Skin

• Stainless steel blade for long-lasting performance.
• Rounded blade is gentle on skin.
• Micro-fine blade (0.10 min) cuts hair at the base.
• Hypo-Allergenic Blades and Foils for sensitive skin types

Flexible Pivoting Head

• follows closely according to the contours of your face

Two Different Blade Sizes

• smaller size for treatment of eyebrows and delicate contours
• for finer hairs

Two Different Comb Sizes

• Comb 1 - approximately 6mm or 8mm
• Comb 2 - approximately 4mm or 2mm

Stainless Steel Blade for longer lasting performance

Round Blade Tip

• Gentle to the skin

Colors Available : Pink, Champange Black

Facial Trimmer


Facial Hair Trimmer ES2113
2 blade types
Facial hair, Eyeblow
2 Combs
For long and short

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