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eneloop pro Smart & Quick Charger set K-KJ55HCC40M2 (4pcs AA eneloop)

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Ready to Use for professional use

The microprocessor controlled Smart & Quick charger BQ-CC55 is perfectly made for the demanding user. The plug is molded to the case for direct use into an A/C wall socket. A very special feature is the individual charging, whereas each single cell gets charged on its own. The charging progress gets checked and ended for each single cell via Peak-Cut-Control.

4pcs AA size eneloop rechargeable batteries are included. Charging Time: 1.5 – 3 Hours.


Smart & Quick (BQ-CC55) Charging Time

The battery is fully charged when the green light turns off.

For your own safety, this charger has an automatic cut off function when all batteries are completely charged.
*Charging times shown in Table are only indicative and can vary depending on temperature and battery status.
Smart & Quick (BQ-CC55) Charging Time

Remaining capacity and charging status indication

3-color LED indicates charge progress by detecting voltage.

Indicates remaining battery power with red, yellow, and green lights.

Red (-20% Charged), Yellow (20-80% Charged), Green (80% to fully Charged)
Remaining capacity and charging status indication

Stop Waste

Every time you recharge, you’re saving a battery from the trash, reducing your impact on the environment. It will be the last battery you buy in a long time.
Stop Waste

Retains 85%* capacity after one year in storage

While other non-ready-to-use rechargeable batteries lose their charge overtime, PANASONIC's eneloop pro technology enables these batteries to keep 85% of their charge up to 1 years. .
*Capacity retention based on testing method established by IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2) when stored at 20 °C (based on Panasonic’s estimation) and compared with minimum capacity. Varies according to conditions of use.
Retains 85%* capacity after one year in storage

More Powerful Than Other Dry Batteries

High Capacity for High-Drain Devices. Photo strobe flashlight equipped with Eneloop pro can provide more than twice the number of flashes (about 800) per recharge in less than half the time (only 3.3s) as compared to conventional alkaline batteries.
* Based on Panasonic internal testing of AA size eneloop and conventional alkaline. Results may vary depending on equipment used and other conditions.
More Powerful Than Other Dry Batteries

Pre-Charged with Solar Energy*

eneloop pro batteries are delivered pre-charged and are ready for immediate use upon purchase. There is no need to charge before use.
* As part of our participation in the Green Certificate system, we use solar power to charge eneloop batteries prior to sale..
Pre-Charged with Solar Energy*

Durable In Extreme Temperatures

Keep A High Voltage Even After Low-Temperature Storage. Eneloop maintains high voltage in very low temperatures compared to alkaline batteries. Superior performance at 0 ℃ and works in temperatures as low as -20 ℃
* Operation time is shorter than that at room temperature regardless of appliance used.
Durable In Extreme Temperatures


Photo of eneloop pro Smart & Quick Charger set K-KJ55HCC40M2 (4pcs AA eneloop)

Size and Weight


4-LED indicator (3 colors)

Accepts AA x 1 to 4 / AAA x 1 to 4

Charging Time: Approx. 1.5-3 Hours

Basic Specification

  • • 3 LED Colors Indicate Charge Progress, Battery Status, and Battery Life
    • Features Battery Life Checker (Rapid Flashes at End of Life)
    • Input type: AC
    • Individual control
    • Rapid charging
    • Charging Time: Approx. 1.5 Hours (eneloop AA x 1 to 2), Approx. 3 Hours (eneloop AA x 3 to 4), Approx. 2 Hours (eneloop pro AA x 1 to 2), Approx. 4 Hours (eneloop pro AA x 3 to 4)
    • Accepts AA x 1 to 4 / AAA x 1 to 4
    • Smart Charge: Detects voltage and stops charging before overflow for longer battery life.
    • Auto voltage
    • 4-LED indicator (3 colors)
    • Dimensions: 68 (W) x 120 (L) x 28 (H) mm
    • Weight: 120 g (AC plug [A-plug])

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