Panasonic Homes Malaysia Sdn Bhd

PT. PanaHome Gobel Indonesia

A better life begins at home.

We are company that inspires ways of loving and are committed to offering the best of
comfort, safety, health to everyone around the world by combining proprrietary technologies
and our vast knowledge of home appliances, houses and housing equipment.

We were established in 1963 following the mission statement made by our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, that there is no business more important than to build a home.
50 years thereon, the philosophy remains unchanged and is still being upheld as the core of the companyʼ s values.

Discover a new standard of living and comfort

As the housing company of the Panasonic, Panasonic Homes has been evolved the function and the quality of the house for more than 50 years in Japan.
We offer high-quality homes built with the expertise refined by strict Japanese housing standards, with all your dreams of a perfect home captured with precise floor planning and interior design. With our cutting edge technology supporting a wide range of home equipment, electronics, and information appliances, we build homes that inspire “A better life, A better world.” Our homes redefine the standards of comfort, health, safety, and security and are built with careful consideration of the regional climate and culture.

The advantages of Panasonic

Panasonic Homes has placed great value on air quality and durability as it has built homes suitable to the climate of Japan for over fifty years since its foundation.
We have adopted two unique technologies in the ASEAN region: PURETECH, a technology used to improve air quality, and POWERTECH, W-PC(Wall Pre-cast Concrete) construction method to provide healthy, comfortable, safe, and secure housing for people.

Keeping Pollution out, bring clean air in

Introduction of PURETECH

Air pollution is increasing day by day from the release of various harmful gases from industrial sectors, haze and motor vehicles. PURETECH brings you and your family a healthy living where you can be rest assured from air pollution in the comfort of your own home.

A home free from leaking woes ,
a family full of life

Introduction of POWERTECH

POWERTECH is the state of the art building technology that are water resistance and weather resistance proof. Giving you a safe and worry free home from leaks, harsh weather and cracks. POWERTECH is built under strict supervision and Quality Control and shortens construction time for mass production.