Technical Feature

Introduction of PURETECH

With “PURETECH” , make each a healthy one by surrounding yourself with clean air.

Panasonic's ventilation system creates environment with refreshing air without opening the window.

PURETECH keeps out polluted air and haze from your home. PURETECH system keeps not only pollen and dust, smaller particles such as PM2.5 are also filtered. Supplying your home with clean air, enriching a healthy environment in every corner of the house even when doors and windows are closed.

Introduction of PURETECH

Performance verification

The concept of “Health”

Live in a healthy home with a comfortable environment protected from air pollution.

Child sleeping comfortably in a clean and refreshing air environment.

Every year, we face the problem of air pollution in the form of haze. In addition, we live in a hot and humid climate unique to the tropics. To combat these conditions, we use air-conditioning and ventilation systems that control the flow of air throughout the entire house. This allows us live in comfortable and healthy conditions while saving energy.

About 60% of the substances taken in by the human body is indoor air.High performance air filter able to remove more than 95% of harmful particles (PM2.5, haze).