About us

No job that is more meaningful than building a home.

We place utmost importance on
our core values of home-building
centred around the philosophy from
our founder, Konosuke Matsushita.

Photo: Philosophy

“A home is a place where our heart is,
a place where we build character,
a place of importance as we live our lives.
I would like to build wonderful homes that nurture our living.”

We were established in 1963 following the mission statement made by our founder,
Konosuke Matsushita, that there is no business more important than to build a home.

50 years thereon, the philosophy remains unchanged and is still being upheld as the core of the companyʼ s values.

To transform the dream home of each individual into reality.
To discover and contribute to the future of mother earth and its people.
To continuously strive to pursue for the perfect home.

Home is an important place for family bonding.
Shouldering the responsibility and armed with the passion for home-building, we hope to become your irreplaceable partner in realizing your dream.

Company Information

We run a housing business in various countries with our headquarters being in Japan.


Panasonic Homes Group(Japan)

The business is Outside of Japan

Panasonic Homes History



Panasonic Homes has over 50 tears long history as a housing developer. Today, Panasonic Homes is running the  businesses in various countries using their knowledge in construction that they mastered during their time in Japan.

In January 2020, Panasonic Homes became a part of Prime Life Technologies Corporation, a newly founded by the Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, with the goal of realizing future-oriented urban development.