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Sustainable Laundry with Melissa Tan

Image of Melissa sitting on a chair by the washing machine

Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Laundry

We waste a lot of resources in our daily lives. Even daily tasks such as laundry use a lot of water and electricity. All we have to do is reimagine our lifestyle a little to find a way to pursue sustainable laundry.

Environmentally Efficient

How I used to handle sustainable laundry

I used to wash my clothes by manually adjusting the amount of water and wash time, or I would wash in full loads so I could save water and electricity.

Image of Melissa putting in clothes into the washing machine

Saving water, effortlessly

AI Smart Wash automatically detects how much laundry there is and chooses the optimal mode with just the right amount of water and duration. Thanks to this, I can get a clean and efficient wash effortlessly.


Image of clothes being washed in the washing machine

Improves Hygiene of My Laundry

Hard to stay active and stay clean

I engage in various environmental activities and exercise frequently. Therefore, I want to make sure my clothes are hygienic as possible to reduce health risks.

Image of Melissa participating in beach cleaning

Hygienic and sustainable

Normally washing machines have to use warm water to remove bacteria. However, this washing machine eliminates the majority of bacteria with just a cold wash. Keeping your clothes hygienic without using excess electricity to warm the water.


> More Details on Total Hygiene Care

Image of folded clothes on top of a wooden rack

Being Mindful of Our Choices

Image of Melissa wearing her favorite piece of clothing outside

Instead of following trends, I focus on developing my own style with a capsule wardrobe of only my favourite pieces. For me, clothing is not something to be easily consumed and disposed of, it is an expression of my sense of style.

Taking Care of My Favourite Pieces

Dries my clothes gently

This washing machine dries your clothes at a lower temperature to avoid damage, which means you don’t have to choose between convenience and the longevity of your clothes.


> More Details on Hybrid Dry

Image of Melissa hanging clothes outside

A little easier, with technology

With the app, I can schedule the laundry to finish while running errands and hang my clothes up immediately when I get home. Also, the app reminds me with a notification when laundry is done, so I don’t forget my clothes in the washer.


> More Details on SmartApp+

Image of Melissa holding a smartphone, and looking at the screen outside
Image of Melissa smiling with greenery in the background

About Melissa Tan

Melissa Tan is a climate action and sustainability advocate in Malaysia pursuing a zero-waste and minimalist lifestyle for the past 6 years. She produces community events and clothes swaps to engage the public in sustainable living.

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