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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SBV01W147

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Lightweight Stress-free Cleaning

・Lightweight 1.5/2.3 kg body (handheld/stick style)
・Easy maneuverability with a high center of gravity
・Power nozzle with LED lights
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Designed for Stress-free Cleaning

Maneuver Effortlessly

The design positions the main unit at the top of the vacuum for effortless maneuverability. A higher center of gravity close to you offers the utmost stability for burden-free cleaning.
Maneuver Effortlessly

Vacuum Up High

The lightweight 2.3 kg cordless vacuum cleaner MC-SBV01 moves the 1.5 kg main unit up to the handle. A higher center of gravity extends versatility from floor to ceiling.
Vacuum Up High

Get at Dust Hidden in Darkness

LED lights on the front of the power nozzle guide you to every speck of dust, whether under furniture or in narrow spaces.
Get at Dust Hidden in Darkness

Easy Maintenance

This cordless vacuum keeps everything simple from start to finish. Empty dust after vacuuming with the touch of a button, and then rinse the entire dust bin and filter in water to keep both house and vacuum clean.
Easy Maintenance

Thorough Cleaning with Power Nozzle

Effectively Capture Dust

The self-propelled power nozzle does most of the work for fast, easy cleaning. Vacuum wooden, tile and every other type of flooring as well as carpets for effective, effortless cleaning.
Effectively Capture Dust

Efficiently Vacuum Dust and Dirt

The V-shaped brush efficiently moves dust and dirt to the central suction inlet to prevent dust from being left in the carpet or on the floor after vacuuming. This design even catches dust and dirt in corners along walls.
Efficiently Vacuum Dust and Dirt

Versatile Attachments

Crevice Nozzle

Thoroughly clean around furniture and in other narrow spaces.
Crevice Nozzle

2-way Dusting Brush

Slide a brush in and out to gently capture dust on any type of surface you want.
2-way Dusting Brush

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Photo of Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SBV01W147

Size and Weight


**Main unit: 424 x 120 x 253 mm, 1.5 kg

Lightweight 1.5kg/2.3kg (Handheld/Stick)

Power Nozzle with LED lights

Large 0.6 L washable Dust Bin/Filter

Running Time: Min 15 min / Max 36 min (Powerful/Normal)

Power Nozzle / Crevice Nozzle / 2-way Dusting Brush

Storage Stand


  • 100-240V

Dust Capacity

  • 0.6L

Running time

  • Min 15 min / Max 36 min

Charging time

  • 3.5 hours

Weight (as Stick)

  • 2.3kg

Weight (As Handy )

  • 1.5kg


  • Main unit: 424 x 120 x 253 mm


  • White



  • Ara Johari (@arajohari), Recommended

    Korang nak tahu tak, sekarang ara dah jumpa Panasonic Stick Vacuum SBV01 ni untuk memudahkan semua kerja mengemas rumah. Sebab vacuum ni sangat ringan untuk membersihkan bahagian bawah perabot ataupun bahagian atas ceiling.

    Ara Johari (@arajohari), Recommended
  • Intan Serah (@niena_azmann), Recommended

    Sejak akhir akhir ni saya bahagia sangat sebab dah ada vacuum panasonic ni. Sangat mudahkan hidup saya! Yelah saya maleh nak vacuum kalau vacuum tu jenis berat, pakai cable, oghang penang kata, buat leceyy ahh. Hahaha. Tapi yang ni senang gila nak guna just charge je then ambik on sedut semua benda. Dah la ringan, memang worth it la orang cakap. Untuk rumah macam saya, vacuum ni memang tak makan space. Selain tu vacuum ni senang nak bersihkan tau just bukak je bekas habuk and cuci.

    Intan Serah (@niena_azmann), Recommended
  • Natalie Chai (@thenatstory), Recommended

    An aesthetic vacuum changes the way you feel about the process of cleaning. Best if it’s a pleasant experience to use too. Haven been using this cordless one over the last month and there’s a few things about this one that makes it a little bit more special than the rest I’ve used the past few years.

    Natalie Chai (@thenatstory), Recommended
  • Suyen (@suyenpang), Recommended

    I was looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner and I love this beautiful white design. It’s the Panasonic Stick Vacuum SBV01! It comes with 2 other attachments and a beautiful dock with holders for both the vacuum and its attachments. Overall - a good, affordable vacuum.

    Suyen (@suyenpang), Recommended

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